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Why did Kim Heechul call Son Dambi the ‘devil’?

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is causing fans to crack up, thanks to his infamous wit.

On July 1st, the star tweeted, “I finally came home. My bike keeps getting caught in the elevator. Next time I’ll have to ride a unicycle that they use only at circuses. Because Dambi made me ride my bike so much, my house won’t accept my fingers. Damn, I don’t know my house code. Son Dambi is the devil“.

Son Dambi also chatted about her bike-riding experience with Heechul through her own Twitter.

She said, “I just got home. Heechul was in poor physical condition. I wasn’t tired at all. My physical strength must be crazy. Heechul, let’s ride bikes again.” The singer attached a photo of the two, where Son Dambi is seen looking fresh and lively while Heechul seems fairly exhausted.

Later, Heechul tweeted, “I came home and now I even see my cat as a bike. I’m sitting in my chair and have my legs up in the air as if I’m riding a bike. After turning me into this mess, Son Dambi – who still takes a picture while smiling – is the devil

Seems like Heechul’s got a lot of biking to do if he wants to keep up with ‘the devil’.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Son Dam Bi wants to be recognized for her hard work

Singer Son Dam Bi recently expressed her hidden feelings about being judged unfairly by the public.

While participating on the May 22nd episode of ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry’, Son Dam Bi confessed, “I want to break that image that many people hold of me.

She teared up while saying, “Many think that I’m a singer who became successful by chance. They think that I’m a singer who became popular because my face was pretty, not because I tried hard.

Continuing, she revealed her strong will with “I’m readying my new album, but my personality doesn’t let me do two things at once. My goal, of course, is to be first place.

It appears that Son Dam Bi managed to garner the praise of her ‘Kiss & Cry’ audience, as she received great applause for her charismatic figure skating performance that day.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop