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B2ST releases photos of Junhyung & Park Bo Young from “Fiction” MV

Yesterday, B2ST released their first teaser for their upcoming full-length album, “Fiction and Fact“. The teaser was created under the concept of a dramatic ‘intro movie’, and it proved to be a highly popular manoeuvre as the video instantly gained an explosive spike in hits.

Today, Cube Entertainment has followed up with allkpop by releasing additional pictures featuring member Junhyung and actress Park Bo Young, who act as lovers in the video.

The clip saw the two in separate scenes, but it was obvious to all that there was something going on with the heartbreaking letters they were writing between them. In the pictures released today, they’re looking a lot more affectionate, which led fans to wonder what the full music video for “Fiction” will entail.


Credit: allkpop

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