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After School holds their first fan signing for “The Saem”

On July 7th, After School attended their first fan signing as models for “The Saem” cosmetics in Daegu!

In celebration of the brand’s latest line of ‘S-special’ products, “The Saem” decided to repay the love they’ve been receiving from their customers with a special fan meet with their new models. After School’s Kahi, UEE, Lizzy, and Nana met up with fans for the 90-minute long event at the store.

Lines were said to have formed hours before the girls arrived, and hundreds gathered outside of the store to catch glimpses of the gorgeous ladies.

UEE said, “We’re so grateful to the fans who came to see us here today. We’ll pay back your love by promoting in singing and acting. Please give your attention to ‘The Saem’, as we will be working hard as models of the brand.”


Source + Photos: Donga via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Nana drops another sub-unit hint

On July 8th, the fourth hint for After School’s red and blue units was revealed!

Pledis Entertainment
tweeted,Nana came to the office with a blue cell phone~!! Will Nana be in the blue sub-unit?”

Snapped with a playful expression, Nana can be seen posing with a blue cell phone. Although the pictures are said to be hints, it seems the members for each unit are still up in the air, as several members could be found switching colors with each new hint.

Netizens commented, “Maybe Nana will be in the blue team”, “This hint is too easy”, and “I see a red light in the back, is that a hint too?”

The final units will be announced at their official fan meet on July 9th.

Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Bekah & Nana pose for the camera

After School’s Bekah recently shot a glittering selca with group member Nana.

On June 10th, Bekah tweeted, “Waiting with our Nana!“, and uploaded the picture. The two wore matching sparkly stage outfits and are glittering as bright as gold.

Netizens commented, “Their faces are more blinding than their outfits”, “You two look really close”, and “Did Nana hurt her lips?“.

After School is currently promoting their title song, “Shampoo“.

Source: JoongAng via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Nana, Jooyeon, and Jungah pose for the camera and impress!

On May 24th, After School members Nana, Jooyeon, and Jungah uploaded a picture from backstage – drawing the curiosity of netizens.

In the picture, the three ladies are smiling brightly with fun expressions on their faces. Even with their silly poses, netizens can clearly see their ‘barbie doll-like bodies’.

It is known that After School, who is currently successfully promoting their song “Shampoo“, have very close relationships with one another, and not too long ago, one of the members even jokingly posted a sleeping picture of Nana, which ended up creating buzz across the internet.

Fans saw the picture and stated, “After School is pretty no matter how they play”, “I wonder if the three will come out as a unit group”, and “They look like bright, innocent children.”

Source: TV Daily via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Nana & Lizzy reveals BTS photos from film set

After School continues with their trend of teaser photos by revealing two BTS pics from their filming set.

Members Nana and Lizzy are pictured above, but with completely different reactions to something they’re watching through Lizzy’s phone. While Nana looks chic and indifferent, Lizzy displays open delight, leading netizens to wonder what they could be watching.

Netizens commented, “What is it?! We want to see too!”, “Lizzy must have at least 100 facial expressions”, and “Nana’s face is daebak!”

The girls are currently preparing for the release of “Shampoo” on April 28th, which will be followed by their comeback stage on “Music Bank” on the 29th.


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: |allkpop.com|

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