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New teaser for Mnet’s 2NE1TV LIVE : WORLDWIDE revealed

2NE1TV was going to hit airwaves world-wide! Now a special teaser for this worldwide release was uploaded to MnetAmerica’s official YouTube channel!

Mnet Korea will launch the new series on 7/19 at 6PM, and other countries will broadcast the show shortly after. Including, Thailand (TrueVision), Vietnam (YAN TV), and Cambodia (CTN).

Meanwhile, tvN Asia and Channel V International will air the program in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

In the mean time check out the teaser below!

Credit: allkpop

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B2ST wins #1 on M! Countdown

Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ is back with another episode of great performances and musical treats.

Besides the usual stages, there were comebacks for F.T. Island, Baek Ji Young, and Jang Woo Hyuk, while Jang Jae In, Boyfriend, HeOra and N-Train made their debuts.

Meanwhile, 4minute had their goodbye stage.

It was a battle between B2ST, 2NE1, and Baek Ji Young for the #1 spot on ‘M! Countdown’ today, and in the end, it was B2ST who clinched their first trophy since making their comeback only last week.

Congratulations to B2ST on their win!

Backstage during B2ST’s comeback last week.

Today’s MCD Chart was hitting a hammer strength machine with a chosen prop. The participants were Yoseob, Kiseop, Jonghyun, and Jay Park. Guess who won!

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Boyfriend to document their debut process through Mnet’s “M! Pick”

Rookie idol group Boyfriend will be revealing their debut process through their Mnet’s “M! Pick.”

“M! Pick” is a reality program that introduces rookies and shares their debut stories. Stars such as SS501 all went through the process, and it’s now even called ‘the gateway to the industry for idols’.

Through the show, Boyfriend will be showing what their day-to-day life is like off-stage. They will also be given fun missions like collecting fanclub members and holding fan meetings through the program.

The boys are currently awaiting their official debut with the help of Brave Brothers and DQ on May 26th.

Grab your first in-depth glimpse of the boys through the clips below!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
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Seungri talks about G-Dragon’s income from royalties

On a recent broadcast of Mnet’s ‘Beatles Code,’ Big Bang’s maknae Seungri revealed G-Dragon’s income from royalties.

In this episode, Seungri–along with Daesung–made an appearance on the show and said, “G-Dragon hyung is currently considered #1 in the Copyright Association… He’s even higher than composer Cho Young Soo.”

According to Seungri, G-Dragon’s income from royalties is higher than the income professional composers get from copyrights. He stated, “G-Dragon has 120 registered tracks under his name. These tracks were not meant to be solely Big Bang’s, but also for his solo album, Taeyang, Seungri, 2NE1, and Uhm Jung Hwa. He’s composed and participated in countless songs.”

In response, MC Yoon Jong Shin commented, “Do you know how much G-Dragon gets paid through royalties?”

Seungri answered, “Because I’ve always had an interest in market researching, I do know his income through royalties,” shocking even Daesung.

Meanwhile, Seungri revealed that he had an interest in education, culture, and business. He even went on to say, “I am operating an academy. It is currently located in my hometown of Gwangju. There is one that opened in Daejeon this year and I’m preparing to open another one in Incheon.”

Source: Medical Today via Nate
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CNBLUE’s Jonghyun talks about his past on Mnet’s “Director’s Cut Season 2″

Recently, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun guested on Mnet’s “Director’s Cut Season 2“, a program that transforms past hit songs into a 2011 version.

After listening to “Mallipo Love“, CNBLUE’s Jonghyun left for Mallipo Beach with fellow bandmate Minhyuk, Girl’s Day Sojin and Minah, and Nayoon.

During the recording, a conversation was started off with the question, “Who do you think will be surprisingly cheap?” The members chose Jonghyun because of his usual ‘clean’ image.

However, Jonghyun didn’t look surprised by their answer, as he began to confess about his past with a smile on his face – surprising everybody at the filming.

As he came up from the countryside, Jonghyun stated that he did not know how to dress well before his debut. He revealed that at one point, he lived in just one tracksuit.

Because it was before CNBLUE had any legitimate activities, he thought that he didn’t need to care much about his looks and could walk around in comfortable clothes.

Jonghyun finally received a wake-up call when he arrived to the office one day to work on music, but the staff members did not recognize him. Although the staff members recognized him shortly after, the shock Jonghyun received from their statements caused him to become more conscious about what he wears.

This episode of “Director’s Cut Season 2″ is scheduled to air on May 13th.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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