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Super Junior reveals Leeteuk’s teaser photo

Super Junior will be making a comeback after a year and two months!

The comeback date for their 5th album is set for August 3rd and individual teaser images of the members’ will be released sequentially from the 20th, starting with Eunhyuk. Donghae’s picture was revealed yesterday, and today, it’s Leeteuk’s turn to melt hearts.

The members have each poured their own unique colors into the upcoming album, and fans will soon be able to experience their upgraded performances.

Super Junior stated, “As much as the fans have waited, the members have waited a long time for this 5th album. With our new music and performances, we want to communicate with fans all over the world. Please wait for our comeback.”

Source + Image: Newsen
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Fans from all over the world donate to charity for Leeteuk’s birthday

On July 1st, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk celebrated his 29th birthday by thanking his fans for their support.

The leader tweeted, “Thank you so, so much.. I feel like I’m receiving such tremendous love and congratulations for the last birthday of my 20’s.. I’ll greet you again tomorrow, thank you.. ㅠㅠ.”

After linking a fanmade video for his birthday, he continued, “To all of our fans all over the world, thank you..”

Leeteuk also acknowledged the donations his fans made to “World Child Cancer” and “Save the Children” for his birthday. He wrote, “You’ve done a good deed once again for my birthday!! So many people all over the world took part it!! It’s not me that should be congratulated, but E.L.F. all of you! Pat pat on the butt for doing a good job!!!! ^^”

He continued, “You guys are like angels without wings.. ^^ Good deeds are popping up everywhere!”

Finally, he concluded, “Teukbar.parkjungsi.com.angelleeteuk.spotlight.leeteukfan.e-teuk.net and World E.L.F. Thank you to everyone giving me so much love all over the world.. I’m such a happy and blessed person, I love you ♥.”

Happy birthday, Leeteuk!

Source + Photos: Leeteuk’s Official Twitter
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Leeteuk tweets a photo from his “All My Love” cameo

Recently, it was revealed that Super Junior’s Leeteuk will be making a cameo on the MBC sitcom, “All My Love“.

After a recent filming session, Leeteuk tweeted a photo of himself dressed up as a ultra-nerd, complete with a bowl haircut and glasses. Leeteuk wrote, “I’ll be appearing on ‘All My Love’!!! Please watch it!!!”

The netizens commented, “I’m really anticipating the episode with Leeteuk”, “Really looking forward to it”, and “I laugh by just looking at his hair”.

Don’t forget to tune in to Leeteuk’s cameo on the next episode of “All My Love”!

Source: TV Daily via Nate
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Leeteuk responds to criticisms about SME’s ‘crazy schedules’

Over the past day, there have been many media reports about the ‘crazy schedules’ SM Entertainment artists had to endure. Super Junior leader Leeteuk responded to the outrage through his radio show, ‘Kiss The Radio‘, on June 8th.

After talking about going to Paris for ‘SM Town Live‘, Leeteuk mentioned that it was just work, and that maintaining their professional responsibilities gets them tired like most other people. He hopes that instead of criticisms, fans will give the artists words of encouragement and support to keep them going.

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JOO and Leeteuk release ‘ICE CREAM’ MV

Having released their “ICE CREAM” digital single earlier today, JOO and Super Junior’s Leeteuk finally released its music videos to give fans an additional treat!

Fans were not only able to see a new side to JOO, who’s usually known for her ballads, but they got a new experience for Leeteuk as well, since it’s his first time participating in a duet.

The song was composed by Shim Eun Ji and written by Kim Eun Soo.

It features a fun melody line with an combination of strings and guitars which are meant to express the different emotions men and women go through as lovers.

After hearing the song, you can now watch them sing the duet in the MV.

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JOO & Super Junior’s Leeteuk to release a duet song

JOO and Super Junior’s Leeteuk have teamed up to deliver a new digital single for May 16th!

To tease fans, artists with JYP Entertainment have been dropping subtle hints since the 6th through their respective Twitters and Me2days. A picture of the collaborating duo was finally unveiled on the 10th, which immediately garnered a ’sweet’ response.

Leeteuk tweeted, “I melt at your ice cream-like words. I get fooled, even though I know the truth. Even though I’m worried of it becoming a habit, I end up smiling again today, what should I do?”

JOO tweeted, “So that’s why we’re two, I’ve also fallen for you. What do you mean, what should you do? You’re mine, you’re mine, all I need is your heart. We’re happy because it’s the two of us…”

Seems like these two are dropping subtle hints of their own!

Stay tuned for more updates on this hot new single.

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk hospitalized for exhaustion

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk was recently raised some concerns amongst fans after it was revealed that he was hospitalized for exhaustion.

On the morning of May 8th, the idol tweeted, “Exhaustion.. I’m at the hospital getting an IV treatment.”

Super Junior completed their concert in Vietnam before returning to Korea on the 8th.  After suffering severe fatigue, Leeteuk was taken to the hospital. He’s currently receiving IV treatments and is getting an ample amount of rest.

Through Star News, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “Leeteuk is staying at the hospital for his recovery. Should there be nothing else wrong, he will be discharged and returning to his dorm to rest.”

Netizens commented, “Please rest,” and “Work is important, but so is your health.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
Credit: allkpop

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