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Step [KARA]


Gyuri | Seungyeon | Hara | Nicole | Jiyoung


Step it up now, oh oh, oh

lalalalalala lalalalalalalala
lalalalalala lalalalalalalala

neomeo jijin anheul geoya, seulpeum a annyeong
chinhae jiji anheul geoya, nunmura annyeong
jashineul midneun geoya, hansumeun geuman
iggat gomin jjeumeun useumyeo Bye bye

tto, hanbeon deo, baewosseo
I will never forget about you, yeah~
keojyeosseo nan, gang hage, deo nopge (Oh nopge)
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Step it up Step it up, dashi shijak iya
tto temporeul ollyeoseo, ap jilleo gallae
Just step it up Step it up, da boran deushi
keuge bollyum nopyeo, Baby my bebe

lalalalalala lalalalalalalala
lalalalalala lalalalalalalala

nae ireun saero ul kkeoya, gidaereul nopyeo
geuge saneun jaemi gata, geun shimeun nallyeo
nugu na gateul kkeoya, gi jukji anha
jageun geokjeong jjeumeun useumyeo Bye bye

nan, gang hage, deo nopge (Oh nopge)
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Step it up Step it up, dashi shijak iya
tto temporeul ollyeoseo, ap jilleo gallae
Just step it up Step it up, da boran deushi
keuge bollyum nopyeo, Baby my bebe

nae insaeng e, seod bulli Get louder
na joheurago, geuraet gesseo, geuraet gesseo

One Two One Two Step, modu bakja e matge
geob nael pilyo eobseo, ani ulgeot eobseo, modu gati hamkke hae

(Hara Jiyoung) eoji reobge wae, sseulde eobtneun saenggak hae
(Hara Jiyoung) geureoji malgo, uri moduda, Step it up now

jeoldae nan dora boji anh gesseo (Oh whoa yeah)
apman bogi do shiganeun jjalba

Step it up Step it up, dashi shijak iya
tto temporeul ollyeoseo, ap jilleo gallae
Just step it up Step it up, da boran deushi
keuge bollyum nopyeo, Baby my bebe

Step it up Step it up (wae seod bulli Get louder)
tto temporeul ollyeoseo (gwaenhi geuraet gesseo, geuraet gesseo)
Just step it up Step it up, da boran deushi
keuge bollyum nopyeo, Baby my bebe

lalalalalala lalalalalalalala
lalalalalala lalalalalalalala


Step it up now, oh oh oh


I won’t fall anymore, goodbye sadness
I won’t get close anymore, goodbye tears
It’s believing in yourself, no more sighs
Such trivial worries, with a smile, bye bye

I learned one more time
I will never forget about you, yeah
I grew, stronger and higher
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

**Step it up, step it up, it’s the beginning again
I’m going to outrun by speeding up my tempo again
Just step it up, step it up, for everyone to see
Turn up the volume baby, my bebe


Tomorrow is going to be new, have high expectations
That’s the fun of living, throw your worries away
Everyone is probably the same, I wont be discouraged
Such little worries, with a smile, bye bye

I’m stronger and higher
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah


In my life, I rashly get louder
You think I did it for myself? for myself?

One two, one two step, everyone on the beat
Don’t be scared, no, don’t cry, let’s do it altogether
Why are you thinking of useless other things, dizzily?
Don’t do that, let’s all just step it up now

I won’t turn back
Time is too short to even just look forward


Step it up, stept it up (Why rashly get louder)
Speed up the tempo again (You think I did it for no reason?)
Just step it up, step it up, for everyone to see
Turn the volume up baby, my bebe


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KARA’s Jiyoung almost gave up her debut for love


On this week’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung confessed that she almost gave up her chance to debut.

A short segment from the upcoming episode saw her reveal, “Because of my first love, who was someone I liked so much, I almost gave up the chance to debut with KARA… Because of the upcoming debut, I was supposed to go to Seoul, but I just couldn’t break up with that sunbae. As a result, I stubbornly told my mom while crying, ‘I’m not going to debut’.”

The episode will also exhibit Lee Ye Rin‘s martial arts experience and actor Byun Woo Min‘s confession that singer Kim Min Jong‘s “Another meeting” was supposed to be his debut song, also gained hot interest on the set. Other guests for this day included Sung Shi Kyung, Kim Jo Han, Kim Hye Sun, Jaurim, KARA’s Nicole, and INFINITE’s Woohyun.

Source + Photo: Sports Chosun via Naver

Credit: allkpop

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KARA to be featured on Japanese OST for Korean drama “Lady President”

via tokyohive.com

With the recent surge of Korean acts such as KARA into Japan, it’s not surprising that Korean television dramas are also gradually making an impact in Japan as well. Popular Korean drama “Dae Mul / Lady President” will be hitting Japanese shelves in DVD format in just a matter of weeks, and it’s already an enticing event for Japanese drama viewers.

The drama will be released under the name of “Lady President ~ Oomono“, the latter part of the title translating to someone of great importance. KARA leader Gyuri and Jiyoung will participate in a song that will be featured on the drama’s offical soundtrack, which is set for release along with the series on August 5th. The song is said to be written by fellow Korean musician and famed balladeer K.Will.

As the release date for the drama looms closer, there is no surprise around the unusual anticipation for a foreign drama. In its initial run in Korea, it garnered a whopping 30.3% for its highest viewer rating. Actress Ko Hyun Jung has been praised by critics and fans alike for carrying the drama with her exceptional acting, along with actor Kwon Sang Woo.

While the Korean run of the drama had 24 episodes, the complete version on the DVD has a few more for a total of 30. The blu-ray edition is set for release on September 2nd.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News
Credit: allkpop

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Elementary school complains to Cube about causing a ruckus with Hara-Junhyung dating report

After news broke out about the relationship between B2ST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Hara, Cube Entertainment received an unusual call from a disgruntled elementary school.

Reportedly, the label picked up a call from an elementary school’s representatives, who complained that the dating news wrecked their students’ ability to concentrate in class.

Representatives revealed, “We did not intend for news to get out like this, but news of their relationship had already been reported. We were quite surprised to receive a complaint from an elementary school. According to them, there were many students crying after hearing about the news. They asked us why we had to report the news and disturb the children from studying for their tests.”

They continued, “We know that there were a lot of shocked fans after reports were made and we believe we’re receiving such calls because both Junhyung and Hara have many young fans. The fans must have been very surprised over the emergence of a new idol couple.”

Source + Photos: Daily Sports via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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KARA to perform a special medley on Japan’s ‘Music Station’

Via tokyohive:

Korean girl group KARA are finally making their Japanese comeback by appearing on ‘Music Station‘ next week!

On June 17th, the girls will perform a special medley, which includes their newest song “Go Go Summer“. KARA will return to the music program for another appearance a week later on June 24th.

KARA will be joined by KinKi Kids, Superfly , Shonan no Kaze, and miwa next week. Check out a preview of the episode below!

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KARA’s Goo Hara talks about her relationship with Shindong

KARA’s Goo Hara apparently knew Super Junior’s Shindong from way back in the day.

While guesting on the SBS variety program ‘Strong Heart’, Goo Hara confessed, “I knew Shindong before debut.”

She began, “When I was a trainee, Shin Dong walked me to a subway station.

Goo Hara explained, “Shin Dong originally offered me to buy me dinner, but when I declined, he said he’d walk me to a subway station.” She added, “I guess he liked me as a little sister.

Guests on the show, however, questioned Shindong’s intention by saying, “You don’t walk someone somewhere because you like her as a little sister.”

Source: Naver
Credit: allkpop

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KARA reveals their plans for 2011

KARA will be returning to the Korean music scene in the fall.

According to DSP Media, KARA plans to greet their Korean fans in September with a new album. If the album is released as scheduled, it will be their first Korean album in 10 months, following after their 4th mini album, “Jumping“.

On May 24th, a DSP representative revealed,

Though it might change due to album activities in Japan, we plan to release an album in September or October. In order to repay fans for having made them worry, KARA will return with an upgraded image. Currently, the members are continuing to receive vocal lessons and dance practice in order to improve themselves, even amidst their solo schedules. In particular, KARA has matured due to their experiences during their Japanese activities.

Meanwhile, KARA will be performing at the “2011 Dream Concert“. This will mark their first Korean performance together since their lawsuit controversy from January. A DSP Media representative stated,

In order to prepare a special performance, they’ve made a new remix of their song and have changed the choreography as well. They are preparing for the ‘Dream Concert’ performance with nervousness and excitement.

KARA will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single in late June and will be leaving for previously-arranged promotions in early June. Filming for the music video have already been filming Korea and Thailand.

Source: DongA
Credit: allkpop


Seungyeon invites you to KARA’s fan meeting

KARA’s Seungyeon revealed her whereabouts through her Twitter.

She tweeted, “June 11th! Let’s make a good memory together. Lots of people please come and play. We are finally meeting this way. Please be careful of the common cold that is going around!”

In the picture, Seungyeon is wearing a pair of sunglasses and showing off her cute charm. She also tweeted, “I didn’t want to wear a hat, so I’m wearing a pair of sunglasses that fit well on me – which is rare – and playing celebrity! It became summer all of a sudden.”

Meanwhile, on June 11th at 6pm, KARA will be holding their second Korean fan meeting called, “What We Want to Say Now…“. The fan meeting is being made out to be a mini concert, returning the love that fans have shown KARA through thick and thin.

Source: TV Report via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Song Joong Ki, Heechul and Goo Hara to host ‘2011 Dream Concert’

It looks like Song Joong Ki is taking back his MC mic!

The star was once an MC for the KBS2 music program, ‘Music Bank‘, and so he’ll be able to draw upon his experiences as he hosts the ‘Korea 2011 Dream Concert’ with KARA’s Goo Hara (first time) and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul (4 straight years).

Song Joong Ki is already rising as the new generation’s Hallyu star, and is an icon who meets the expectations of music fans across the world,” said a concert staff member.

He will definitely be able to carry on a stable and smooth performance based on his previous experiences hosting a music program and music award ceremony.

The 17th annual ‘Korea 2011 Dream Concert’ will feature an all-star lineup and will take place on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki has finished filming the movie ‘Every Little Makes Romance’ with Han Ye Seul, and is waiting for it to hit theaters later on this year.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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KARA’s Nicole wishes Gyuri a happy birthday

KARA member Nicole has recently fanned down the rumor about the members’ poor relationship in light of the much publicized ‘KARA incident.

On the 21st, Nicole tweeted, “규리언니 여신님의 생일 많이 축하해주세요!^^ 언니 생일축하해이이잉 / Please wish a happy birthday to our goddess Gyuri! ^^ Happy Birthday.”

The message showed Nicole’s love and care for fellow member Gyuri.

Netizens who read the message are commenting, “What a beautiful friendship,” “Nicole’s adorable promotion for goddess’s birthday,” “It’s so nice to see them getting along well.”

Netizens also stated, “this turned down the rumor about members’ relationship after the KARA incident. We hope their friendship lasts.

KARA has ended their dispute with their management company, DSP Media and is currently involved in various promotions.

Source: Nate + @_911007
Credit: allkpop

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