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JYJ reveals 1st teaser for European Tour (Barcelona, Spain)

 JYJ has confirmed a concert tour in Europe!

According to the C-Jes official website, JYJ will be performing at the POBLE ESPANYOL in Barcelona, Spain on October 29th.

Now, JYJ has released their first teaser for the Barcelona concert!

They also revealed that they’re planning to hold a concert in Berlin, Germany some time in November but the exact date and venue for that concert hasn’t been revealed yet. There were talks of C-Jes finalizing their contract to hold the Berlin concert at the Tempodrom, but it seems that still hasn’t been confirmed yet. If more information arises, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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JYJ’s ‘Get Out’ music video unleashed!

JYJ’s “Get Out” music video about a sad love story has been revealed along with their new single on LG ‘Optimus Q2′ official site  on 19 September 2011.

Suited up in black and revealing a set of fast-paced choreography (complete with pelvic thrusts), JYJ has delivered once again with this dance track. Fangirls will be sure to enjoy the vivid cinematography, sexy cars and steamy scenes with a few lucky ladies.

Without further ado, make sure to check it out below :

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JYJ’s Junsu goes backpack shopping


Recent photos of JYJ’s Junsu shopping at high-end store ‘L’inoui‘ was posted online.

Dressed comfortably in a red checkered shirt and black pants, the singer topped his outfit with some key point sunglasses.

According to a ‘L’inoui” employee, Junsu visited the store with a friend and shopped around looking to purchase an item. He was looking in particular for a new popular backpack while also trying out a number of different styles of backpacks.

Other celebrities who have been seen sporting ‘L’inoui’ merchandise include Jang Dong Gun,HyunbinKim NamgilHa Jiwon and others.

The Bono canvas beige backpack that Junsu ended up choosing has also been spotted on Super Junior’s Choi Siwon2PM’s NichkhunKim Soohyun among other idol stars, helping its rise to become the new “must-have” bag. The bag retails for 498,000 won or around $470 USD.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate
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Lotte reveals star-studded CF for ‘Lotte Duty Free’

Mega-corporation Lotte has created a CF of epic proportions in order to advertise their luxurious ‘Lotte Duty Free‘ shops.

Enlisting some of Korea’s top Hallyu stars, Lotte created a visual experience that many of us have never witnessed before in a commercial.

Hyun Bin, JYJ, Big Bang, Choi Ji Woo, Song Seung Hun, 2PM, Jang Geuk Suk, and Kim Hyun Joong came together as fairy-tale characters, and even sang a special song for the CF.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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[Spoiler: ‘Ripley’] JYJ’s Yoochun & Kang Hye Jung go on a ballpark date

JYJ fans finally got another glimpse into Yoochun’s new drama, “Ripley“!

For the upcoming May 30th broadcast, Yoochun stars as the “perfect man” ‘Song Yoo Hyun’, while Kang Hye Jung stars as the innocent ‘Na Hee Joo‘, who grew up in an orphanage.

In the drama, Song Yoo Hyun and Na Hee Joo met by chance in a hotel. They form a close relationship upon learning that Na Hee Joo was Song Yoo Hyun’s best friend’s cousin.

The two each planned to bring a friend to watch the baseball game, but both friends didn’t show up, leaving Song Yoo Hyun and Na Hee Joo to watch the game together.

The filming for this episode took place at the Mokdong Ballpark on May 3rd on the day of a real Nexen Heroes versus Kia Tigers Korean baseball league game. In order to film their realistic cheering, filming went on until right before the start of the game.

Filming this scene was fun for both Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung because they were both fans of baseball. The two immersed themselves completely in the ballpark date scene as they cheered on the Nexen Heroes with their thundersticks.

Production representatives said,

In order to realistically film Yoochun and Kang Hye Jung cheering in the ballpark scene, they learned the cheers from the actual cheerleaders for the scene. Because both like watching baseball, they properly expressed enthusiastic cheering.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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JYJ’s Yoochun receives “high class acting idol” title

On cable channel MBC Every1 ‘Magazine One’ aired on the 20th, JYJ’s Park Yoochun was named as an idol artist with excellent acting skills.

The show introduced Park Yoochun as a star with acknowledged acting skills and viewers rating success on debut piece ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The dialogue explained, “Yoochun played the drama character 200% with emotional acting that captured ladies’ hearts.”

Thank you so much, ” said Park Yoochun on the set of  ‘Miss Ripley.’ He added, “I still have a long way to go, but I hope you understand that I’m trying my best.

Park Yoochun is scheduled to play ‘Song Yoo Hyun,’ an heir of a resort who can be the most serious and honest when necessary, and also can be decisive and strong-willed.

Source: Nate
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JYJ’s Junsu finds Jaejoong homeless at an airport

Is Kim Jaejoonghomeless?

On May 22nd, JYJ member Kim Junsu revealed pictures of members waiting at an airport on his Twitter.

In a picture that looks to be taken secretly by Junsu, Jaejoong is trying to sleep on the floor covering his face. “Homeless at an airport…our director Kim..I’m sorry I can’t protect you…ke,” wrote Junsu with the picture.

In another picture , Junsu is wearing sunglasses with his lips sticking out.

Netizens are commenting, “You look so tired. I’m so sorry,” “I wish you the best at your concerts in America.”

JYJ kicked off their North American tour at Vancouver, Canada on the 20th. They will continue on to New Jersey for the 22nd, LA on the 27th, and San Jose on June 2nd. Stay tuned for concert coverage from allkpop’s media team as the concerts approach!

Source: Nate + @0101xiahtic
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MBC Entertainment continues to keep “Ripley” away

JYJ’s Park Yoochun couldn’t overcome the barrier imposed by MBC Entertainment.

The network’s entertainment news program, “Section TV Entertainment News” has been revealed to have also snubbed coverage of Yoochun’s new drama, “Ripley“, right after they cancelled his appearance on the variety show, “Come To Play” not too long ago.

On May 17th, reporters and members of the press gathered at the production conference for “Ripley”. However, reporters from “Section TV Entertainment News” did not appear, which is highly unusual since this news program always appears at drama production conferences.

A representative from the program stated, “We had too many items on our hands“, but members in the entertainment industry are accusing MBC Entertainment for minding the uncomfortable relationship between Yoochun and SM Entertainment.

Ripley’s representative stated, “This is not the first time. ‘Come To Play’ had requested the appearance of our actors for weeks and we finalized the schedules of the actors when the filming suddenly got cancelled. ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has also excluded coverage from our poster shooting as well as from our production conference.”

The main producer for the drama, Choi Yi Sup, voiced his concern and frustration by saying, “The director of the drama department directly requested coverage for ‘Ripley’s promotions to the entertainment director and the entertainment department accepted this request. However, due to an unrevealed reason the coverage was excluded. This is unacceptable.”

Park Yoochun showed his disappointment by saying, “I, too, want to appear on variety programs but they keep ‘cutting’ me out. I’m not trying to put a great significance on it.”

“Ripley” will communicate the ideas of obsession and desire through a female character who gets a job at a hotel by faking her education record. The first episode is set to air on May 30th.

Source: No Cut News via Nate
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KBS releases official statement regarding JYJ’s broadcast appearances

KBS has released an official statement regarding their decision to bar JYJ from appearing on their broadcasts.

The statement was posted on KBS’s online production crew message board as a response to the many requests asking for the reasons why JYJ was not allowed to make an appearance.

KBS explained,

JYJ’s lawsuit has yet to come to an end and KBS is taking note of this lawsuit from an objective standpoint… From a business perspective, allowing a celebrity who is in the midst of a legal dispute onto a broadcast can have an influence on the current situation. Therefore, it is common to refrain their appearances while waiting for the results of their legal dispute.

Though it appears that JYJ has submitted a request to nullify their exclusivity contract with their existing agency, they made their own judgment to temporarily participate in activities on a case-by-case basis. However, JYJ has signed with another agency and are currently continuing their album promotions under two contracts.

Because of these issues, KBS has decided that currently, JYJ’s broadcast appearances may bring about legal problems and is threat to the culture industry. Until JYJ comes to a settlement or agreement with their agency, we will refrain from their broadcasts as a whole. Casting and guest appearances will be made depending on the outcome.

The post has since been removed while JYJ’s agency has countered with their own statement.

Source: TV Daily via Nate
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JYJ’s Yoochun talks about his role on the MBC drama, “Ripley”

JYJ’s Yoochun has transformed into a warm, city man named ‘Yoo Ta Ka’ for the new MBC drama, “Ripley“.

A photoshoot for the “Ripley” poster was held last month on April 29th at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. For the photoshoot, Yoochun wore a white suit with a black collar – displaying the urban flair and charms of his character, ‘Yoo Ta Ka’.

Yoochun introduced his new character, “If my character ‘Lee Sun Joon’ from ‘Sunkyunkwan Scandal‘ lacked the ability to express his feelings and was considered an ‘objective answer’ kind of guy, then ‘Yoo Ta Ka’ from ‘Ripley’ is rich in emotion and expresses them freely like a ’subjective answer’.”

He added, “Through the previous project, I learned that it is very difficult to be completely immersed into one character. However, I really enjoyed the times I spent worrying about the character. I am very excited even thinking about having the opportunity to show a different side.”

It was reported that although Yoochun was at the hospital because of acute enteritis, he still attended the photoshoot and worked hard until the very end – receiving a round of applause from the staff.

Meanwhile, “Ripley” is scheduled to air its first episode on May 30th.


Source: MyDaily via Nate
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