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Jay Park, B2ST & IU headline line-up for ‘Super Idol Big Concert’

Korea’s gearing up for a large-scale concert starring major idols like B2ST, IU, and Jay Park!

The ‘Super Idol Big Concert’  was created with the intention of helping culturally diverse families, and will be held for two and a half hours in Jamsil’s Olympic Stadium on June 11th at 7PM.

The line-up includes B2ST, IU, Jay Park, G.NA and special guest Barbara, who are sure to deliver strong performances throughout the show.

Part of the profits from this concert will be donated as a support fund for intercultural families, who generally have a difficult time in Korean society.

Concert representative Lee Seok Yoon passed on, “We planned this concert to expand the sharing of culture, as well as to plant hope in teens from intercultural families who have a difficult time getting by. This will be a good opportunity to see both the idol groups’ awesome performances, and help out neighbors as well.

He continued, “I think this concert will be a test stage for the overseas concert featuring idols at the highest ranks in Korea. We’ll try our best to show you a great concert.

Tickets can be bought through the ‘Super Idol Big Concert’ official homepage and Interpark, with ground seats going for 55,000 won and standing seats costing 33,000 won.

Source: TVDaily via Daum
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Jay Park releases MV for “Level 1000″ feat. Dok2

Prepare to freak out Jaywalkerz, ’cause Jay Park has just dropped another music video!

This time, it’s for his crunk-flavored hip hop song “Level 1000“, which once again features a guest rap from Dok2. The video itself is fairly low-key in comparison to his other two releases, but it definitely feels like it’s more in-tune with Jay Park’s natural style.

There’s a lot of swagger in this video, so fans may want to hold onto something if it proves to be too much for ‘em.

Without further ado, here’s “Level 1000″!

Credit: allkpop

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Jay Park makes his debut on Music Core

After several thunderstorms in the past 2 years, “Giant Baby” Jay Park is finally bringing back the ‘Jay Effect’ on tonight’s MBC Music Core stage for his debut solo album promotions!

Jay recently released a seven-track mini-album, “Take A Deeper Look” which is packed with a diverse range of genres from R&B to hip hop and dance, along with an impressive line-up of guests like Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, Dok2, and The Quiett.

Six out of the seven tracks were composed by him, and all seven feature his very own lyrics, all of which exemplify his growth as a singer-songwriter.

His title track, “Abandoned“, is an R&B track that goes back and forth from a high tension tempo and a quicker beat. Alongside the modern melody are lyrics of sorrow over lost love.

So hold your breath and watch him seize the stage with his improved charisma below!

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Jay Park wins Music Bank K-Chart again

Music Bank is back with a fun and exciting show that was chock full of amazing performances!

Having won last week, Jay Park faced off against legendary singer, Im Jae Bum who has recently returned to the public’s eye after appearing in MBC’s “I Am A Singer” for this week’s K-Chart. But in the end, it was the former who clinched his second consecutive win.

Congratulations to Jay Park on the win!

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Jay Park opens up about his current relationship with 2PM

After placing #1 on his comeback performance, one can’t deny that Jay Park has made an epic comeback. It seems like Jay’s past controversy is now a vague memory that no one really cares about anymore. Even so, any mentioning of 2PM and Jay Park/Jaebum in the same sentence always sparks an interest in the public eye.

Well, Jay Park finally decided to address his current relationship with his former bandmates in a recent interview! Check it out below.

Reporter: “This may be an uncomfortable topic for you to discuss but I think it’s necessary for you to talk about 2PM.”

Jay Park: [Jokingly] “If it’s an uncomfortable subject, then you can just avoid it all together… [Smiling] I’m ready to talk about it now. I’m not uncomfortable, so go ahead and ask.”

Reporter: “I read an article that you don’t keep in touch with 2PM?”

Jay Park: [Calmly] “Yes, that’s true.”

Reporter: “If they don’t contact you first, will you take the first step and reach out to them?”

Jay Park: “If you look at it that way, couldn’t they contact me first too?”

Reporter: “If that’s the case, what is the biggest reason for you not contacting them first?”

Jay Park: “Just because.”

Reporter: [Confused] “Just because?”

Jay Park: “Just because. If I meet 2PM while recording a program, I think I’ll be very glad to see them again. Actually, during a recent recording of ‘Inkigayo,’ I saw 2AM’s Jo Kwon again and we cheerfully greeted each other with ‘Hey! It’s been a long time!’…I don’t know how 2PM feels about this but if I see them, I can gladly greet them.”

2PM is currently working hard promoting their activities in Japan. Because of this, Jay Park and 2PM haven’t had the chance to meet in person. Although the relationship between the boys have become distant over the past, they both have become the best at what they do.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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Jay Park rates his comeback as ‘53 out of 100′

After laying relatively low for a year and eight months, singer Jay Park finally made his Korean comeback, starting with a performance on KBS’s “Music Bank” last week.

Reporters caught up with the star after he stepped off-stage and held a brief interview in his waiting room. Noticing how he looked both excited and nervous, they asked him to describe his feelings on making a return to public broadcast networks. Jay Park replied, “It was disappointing for me. I prepared so much, and it was the first time in a long while that I was able to stand on stage, but I felt like I wasn’t able to show everything I could. It was really disappointing… so disappointing.”

He continued, “Point wise, I’d give myself a 53 out of 100.  I was lacking in my facial expressions, dancing, singing, and just everything. I usually don’t even sweat a lot, but I sweated so much today. I didn’t like that either.”

Reflecting on his first comeback through “Music Bank”, Jay Park revealed, “I went into my waiting room for the first time in a while, but it wasn’t awkward at all. It was a lot like how I remembered it. Still, I’m trying to adjust to everything, especially since I’m a soloist now and the littlest mistake becomes all the more obvious.”

When reporters mentioned how his album, “Take A Deeper Look“, ranked on the Billboard charts despite the lack of promotions, Jay commented, “That was really amazing. My fans enjoyed the achievement more than I did. I was fortunately able to come back with music that I wanted in this album. It’s especially meaningful for me in that I was able to meet so many people.”

Jay Park concluded, “I promise to show everyone through my solo promotions just how much I love music, as well as reveal the deeper side to my hip hop and R&B music.”

Source: Joy News 24 via Naver
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Jay Park charms with his considerate nature

Stars are known to run on a super tight schedule that could often lead to scheduling disasters if something goes wrong. But it’s not often that they present a humble and down-to-earth appearance when they run a little behind. Enter Jay Park, whose 30 minute delay to a radio program revealed his polite and considerate heart.

On May 6th, Jay Park was scheduled to participate on the third segment of KBS 2FM’s “Danny’s Music Show“. However, because of the delay in his ”Music Bank” rehearsal, he was unable to arrive on time.

DJ Danny explained, “Jay Park is supposed to be with us for the third part of our program, but his Music Bank rehearsal was delayed. It’s been delayed everyday. Since they say it’s being delayed today as well, if we wait just little while, we will be able to meet Jay Park. Jay Park wants to run here quickly too.”

As soon as Danny finished explaining, a call came from Jay Park himself. Jay explained, “I’m in the middle of rehearsal. I’m waiting for my turn, but I wanted to call to tell you how sorry I am.”

In the open studio, Jay Park asked fans, “Please wait just a little bit.” When Danny asked him, “Will it end soon?” Jay Park responded, “As soon as rehearsal end, I will go quickly.”

Before Jay Park arrived, Danny played two of Jay’s new songs, Abandoned” and “Tonight“. Jay finally arrived to the station, 33 minutes later, short of breath from rushing over.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit : allkpop


Jay Park releases dance version of “Abandoned” music video!

Over two weeks ago, Jay Park released the music video teaser for his upcoming track, “Abandoned“, which was then released shortly after on his brand new YouTube channel.

Now just moments ago, Jay Park has revealed the dance version to the “Abandoned” music video, and you can check it out below!

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Jay Park reveals video teaser for ‘Tonight’

Jay Park is enjoying a lot of success at the moment, recently winning Music Bank and appearing on the Billboard charts.

With all this success, there’s no time for rest as Jay Park has just released a video teaser for ‘Tonight’, which is a track that features Kang Minkyoung of Davichi from his “Take a Deeper Look” mini album.

Check out the teaser below!

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Jay Park wins Music Bank K-Chart

Jay Park faced off against last week’s winner, f(x) for the K-Chart this week, and in the end, it was the former who clinched the win by a close call

Congratulations to Jay Park who comes up triumphant in his return!

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