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IU revealed to be a secret makeup artist

Although IU is working hard as a singer at the moment, it looks like she is also capable of taking on the role of a makeup artist.

Last Friday on July 1st, IU performed on ”Music Bank“. Backstage, she met with “enews” and showed herself doing the makeup of her backup dancers.

The dancers trusted her like they would trust a professional makeup artist, and she didn’t let them down.

LOEN Entertainment, IU’s company, said, “IU has a lot of interest in makeup. She studies it a lot and is supposedly pretty good at it. That’s why she sometimes does the makeup of her backup dancers.”

They added, “Since they are all so close and because IU is good at doing makeup, they trust her.”

Source: Enews 24 via Nate
Credit: allkpop


Boyfriend’s Minwoo talks about meeting IU

Boyfriend’s maknae Minwoo shared his special memory of working with the talented IU.

Before debuting with Boyfriend, Minwoo was featured in K.Will’s music video for “Can’t Open Up My Lips” as the boy who had a crush on IU. Following the MV release, he became the #1 searched topic for the term, “IU’s younger man.”

When asked about what it was like working with IU, Minwoo answered, “She was a lot prettier in real life.”

He added, “She’s a sunbae I admire and like. It was the role of a boy who had a one-sided crush, but I was happy with just the fact that I was able to work with her.”

The filming of the music video was said to have taken 12 hours. As a gift of support, IU also surprised Minwoo with a singing performance.

Minwoo said, “IU sang me a song during break time and she was really good. She must have been tired, so it was memorable to see her care about me.”

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Jay Park, B2ST & IU headline line-up for ‘Super Idol Big Concert’

Korea’s gearing up for a large-scale concert starring major idols like B2ST, IU, and Jay Park!

The ‘Super Idol Big Concert’  was created with the intention of helping culturally diverse families, and will be held for two and a half hours in Jamsil’s Olympic Stadium on June 11th at 7PM.

The line-up includes B2ST, IU, Jay Park, G.NA and special guest Barbara, who are sure to deliver strong performances throughout the show.

Part of the profits from this concert will be donated as a support fund for intercultural families, who generally have a difficult time in Korean society.

Concert representative Lee Seok Yoon passed on, “We planned this concert to expand the sharing of culture, as well as to plant hope in teens from intercultural families who have a difficult time getting by. This will be a good opportunity to see both the idol groups’ awesome performances, and help out neighbors as well.

He continued, “I think this concert will be a test stage for the overseas concert featuring idols at the highest ranks in Korea. We’ll try our best to show you a great concert.

Tickets can be bought through the ‘Super Idol Big Concert’ official homepage and Interpark, with ground seats going for 55,000 won and standing seats costing 33,000 won.

Source: TVDaily via Daum
Credit: allkpop

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IU to release her very first self-composed song

Singer IU is gearing up to release her very first self-written song!

Loen Entertainment’s producer, Cho Youngcheol, hinted at the new release through a tweet on May 24th. He wrote, “IU’s first written song coming soon!“. He continued, “Jieun (IU) said she’s shy but I want to show it off. It’s her first work, but she did a great job…and I give my ‘best love’ to Jieun...”

Noting the quotes around ‘best love’, fans immediately guessed that the producer was alluding to the MBC drama, “Best Love“, which stars Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won. It seems likely, therefore, that IU took part in the drama’s OST.

In fact, some fans even heard IU’s voice in the drama, and commented: “I can already see this as a big hit. It’s IU’s song but why isn’t it getting released?“, “I am amazed by her high-pitched voice“, and  ”I knew it was IU the first time I heard it”.

Credit: allkpop


IU and Song Joong Ki for ‘Le Coq Sportif’

Singer IU showed off her slim thighs for a colorful photoshoot with sports brand ‘Le Coq Sportif‘, which she modeled for alongside actor Song Joong Ki.

The theme for this photoshoot was ’summer sports couple’. The popular stars are seen with various fun props, while dressed in bright outfits that really exuded a fresh feel throughout the pictorial.

It’s reported that IU and Song Joong Ki, who were acquainted through variety programs, enjoyed each other’s company during the photoshoot. Representatives of the photoshoot revealed, “There was continuous laughter in the studio throughout the shooting.”

Watch the adorable behind-the-scenes video of IU and Song Joong Ki’s photoshoot for the ‘Le Coq Sportif’ summer collection!


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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IU gets surrounded by a mob of students and attacked by laser pointer

Singer IU was recently caught in a sticky situation when a swarm of students crowded around her car as they mindlessly took pictures and videos of the star, almost causing fellow students to be in danger.

On May 13th, pictures and descriptions of the incident were uploaded by a netizen on an online community site, titled, “IU encountered an unfortunate mishap today at Kyungwon University.

One of the pictures that was uploaded was of IU sitting in the passenger seat of her car wearing her earphones while looking slightly alarmed.

According to the netizen, while IU was on her way to the performance stage of Kyungwon University’s gala festival on May 12th, she was suddenly met with a huge crowd of college students who ran towards IU’s vehicle to take pictures and videos.

Many of the students turned on the camera flash in order to take proper pictures of the singer, while a portion of them even went to the extent of climbing on top of the car to take shots at a closer angle.

The netizen captioned one of the photos as, “They’re like zombies out of a zombie movie who climb on top of the main star’s car as she tries to run away.”

They added, “I should ask her agency to move her around in a van from now on, to maintain her safety. I think this is why the stars’ managers are always stressing about taking care of them.”

A netizen who had read the post left a comment saying, “Due to mob psychology, if one person decides to climb up onto the car, other people don’t even think about how wrong it is and just follow suit.” Another netizen voiced out, “I feel sorry for IU”.

This incident wasn’t the only incident that gave IU a hard week, as it was reported on May 13th that IU was attacked by a laser pointer during her performance at an event.

The pictures show that there was definitely a spectator who attempted to aim their laser at IU’s eyes, as seen by the red beam across her face. But despite this, IU still managed to pull in her best effort and managed to finish her stage well.

Netizens commented, “Some spectators just have no manners” and “No matter how much you like IU, this just isn’t right.”

Source: Donga via Nate, Kuki News via Nate
Credit: allkpop


TOP states that Daesung and IU look alike

Big Bang’s TOP recently angered some of IU’s uncle fans!

During an episode of “YG On Air”, which aired on May 6th, fans were able to find out how Big Bang is doing lately. Fans were able to see Big Bang preparing for their Japan Tour Concert, see their trainee training methods through Seungri, and also see their usual carefree and mischievous acts.

Also, during the broadcast, TOP looked at each of the member’s posters. After seeing Daesung’s poster, TOP asked G-Dragon, “Didn’t Daesung’s picture come out a bit like IU?”, stating that Daesung and IU look alike.

After hearing this netizens commented, “IU’s uncle fans are mad now” “I think I can see the resemblance” “I don’t know why, but it is funny”.

Source + Picture: Newsen
Credit: allkpop

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