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B2ST thanks fans via video for “Fiction” success

Melon recently released a video clip of B2ST thanking their fans for their ‘Popular Song’ win for the month of May. In addition to their sweet thank you message, the members answered some questions about their future music plans. Check out the video below!


Q: May’s popular song [is] “Fiction“! Please tell us your thoughts on your first place win.

Doojoon: It’s an honor, thank you very much! But I heard that the nominees were “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”, did you guys know? It’s probably right. I saw it on the internet. So, thank you very much for loving our two songs, “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”; we will meet you guys soon with an improved style.

Q: Please say something to the netizens who voted for and supported B2ST.

Everyone: Thank you!

Yoseob: We will work harder!

Q: What do you think is your secret to your success in Japan?

Yoseob: It must be our strong teamwork. Haha …

Dongwoon: We’ll accept it as a sign to work harder.

Doojoon: Everything is really more than what we deserve, but I hope that everyone looks highly upon our efforts.

Q: How do you feel about your variety appearances?

Junhyung: The fact that each of the members are able to utilize their strong characteristics is great. We hope that we will continue to move forward.

Doojoon: But, we become one with music!

Q: How do you see yourself when you return for your next album?

Hyunseung: Looking towards our next album, we want to do something that’s more fun and exciting, but nothing has been decided yet. It’s just something we’ve talked about before. We promise that our music quality and performances will improve as we release more albums.

Q: Is there someone you want to guest-feature for?

Junhyung: Rather than picking a particular singer, all collarborations are very exciting and special. It doesn’t matter as long as we can musically communicate with each other. Give us a call!

Q: A funny episode during your concert is…?

Doojoon: I fell during our concert performance for “Bad Girl“, and I fell again during the “Bad Girl” encore concert performance as well.

Hyunseung: The funny thing is that it was during the same part. How did you manage that?

Dongwoon: It means it’s your fault.

Doojoon: Yeah, it does…

Q: Any last words for the Melon family?

Doojoon: Yes! Korea’s best music site …

Dongwoon: We use it often as well.

Doojoon: Yes. Thank you so much for loving our music. Please support Korean music as well. Melon will lead Korean music until it becomes world music. We support Melon, so please give us your love and support as well! Until now, it was B2ST! Thank you!

Credit: allkpop

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Jay Park opens up about his current relationship with 2PM

After placing #1 on his comeback performance, one can’t deny that Jay Park has made an epic comeback. It seems like Jay’s past controversy is now a vague memory that no one really cares about anymore. Even so, any mentioning of 2PM and Jay Park/Jaebum in the same sentence always sparks an interest in the public eye.

Well, Jay Park finally decided to address his current relationship with his former bandmates in a recent interview! Check it out below.

Reporter: “This may be an uncomfortable topic for you to discuss but I think it’s necessary for you to talk about 2PM.”

Jay Park: [Jokingly] “If it’s an uncomfortable subject, then you can just avoid it all together… [Smiling] I’m ready to talk about it now. I’m not uncomfortable, so go ahead and ask.”

Reporter: “I read an article that you don’t keep in touch with 2PM?”

Jay Park: [Calmly] “Yes, that’s true.”

Reporter: “If they don’t contact you first, will you take the first step and reach out to them?”

Jay Park: “If you look at it that way, couldn’t they contact me first too?”

Reporter: “If that’s the case, what is the biggest reason for you not contacting them first?”

Jay Park: “Just because.”

Reporter: [Confused] “Just because?”

Jay Park: “Just because. If I meet 2PM while recording a program, I think I’ll be very glad to see them again. Actually, during a recent recording of ‘Inkigayo,’ I saw 2AM’s Jo Kwon again and we cheerfully greeted each other with ‘Hey! It’s been a long time!’…I don’t know how 2PM feels about this but if I see them, I can gladly greet them.”

2PM is currently working hard promoting their activities in Japan. Because of this, Jay Park and 2PM haven’t had the chance to meet in person. Although the relationship between the boys have become distant over the past, they both have become the best at what they do.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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Block B gets interviewed on “Koon TV”, performs “Freeze!”

This week, Block B guested on the 14th episode of Koon TV’s “Choi Koon’s Real Attack“, a broadcast led by gagman Choi Koon.

The video is currently ranked the #1 most watched video on portal site Nate, and has garnered 96,000 views in just under a day.

The seven members briefly introduced their names and profile info before talking about their debut track, “Freeze!” MC Choi goes on to tease leader Zico about his connection to f(x)’s Sulli, who Zico admits to knowing because he was a former SM trainee.

Although it was originally an hour-long live broadcast, it’s been cut down to about seven minutes for those who missed it. Block B’s interview concludes with a playful rehearsal clip of “Freeze!”, in addition to news that the boys will drop their mini-album next month.

Source: Nate Video
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A Pink members reveal their complaints about love and men

Last month, A Pink made their debut with a sweet and innocent love song called “I Don’t Know.”

With their average age being 18, most of the seven members are still a bit young to know what love really is. Star Today recently sat down with the girls for a unique interview on their ideas of love and relationships.

“Why are men always so hasty?” asked Hong Yoo Kyung. She says she doesn’t have any dating experience, and continues with, “Now that I’ve debuted, I kind of regret not giving it a try. After I joined our agency, there really was no opportunity for me to date anymore.”

She revealed, “Sometimes guys would say they like me and contact me too often, or give me gifts that left a lot of pressure. I become a lot more careful then, and eventually stepped back when the guy became too pushy.”

Jung Eun Ji, who’s probably the most tomboyish out of the group, explained that she didn’t understand why guys put up a front. “They think that they look cool when they put up a front, right? I don’t like guys who act all cool and tough. I seriously hate it when they copy cheesy lines from dramas as well, like ‘You’re an amazing girl.’”

Park Chorong, A Pink’s leader and ’sole adult’ asked, “Why can’t men understand why girls get jealous? Guys tend to think that we get jealous as a way of restricting them.”

Chorong continued, “Isn’t it definite that I’ll get mad and angry when I want to meet him over the weekend, but he cancels because he wants to see his friends? I understand that he has his own problems to deal with, but I don’t understand why he thinks I’m being overzealous.”

Maknae Oh Ha Young, who’s just entered her third year of junior high this year, also lacks dating experience. “I’m not that aware of my surroundings and don’t use a lot of aegyo, so my parents always tell me that it’ll be hard for me to get married. I used to have a really close male friend when I was little, but one day he suddenly confessed his feelings for me. I was really upset when I heard that and cried really hard because it felt like our friendship was over. I still don’t know..”

Kim Nam Ju, like leader Chorong, expressed her discontentment with men failing to understand what makes women tick. ”I really don’t understand insensible men. There are certain things that girls just want to hear, and it’s so easy to just say them. When girls say, ‘That movie looks fun’, isn’t it obvious that she’s implying that she wants to see it with him? When he replies with, ‘Yeah, that looks fun’, that’s a completely wrong response. It’s frustrating when they don’t even try to act like they haven’t seen a movie they already have for the girl’s sake. It’s definite for girls to get mad when all he has to do is think about her that much more and say something she wants to hear.”

Yoon Bomi also added to the girls’ long list of complaints: “Why do girls always have to make the guys confess? It’s really frustrating. If we don’t express ourselves first, they don’t even know that we like them. It’s not easy for girls to confess first, and it’s actually really embarrassing. I know it’s probably the same for guys, but if both parties really like each other, does he really have to wait for the girl to confess first?”

Like the other members, Son Na Eun doesn’t have dating experience as well. “It’s probably the same for other girls, but it’s really hard to step forward and express your feelings for someone first. It takes me a long time to get close with friends when a new school year starts.”

Na Eun continued, “I just have to open myself up to them a bit more and it’s so easy to get close, but it’s still really difficult for me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t dated yet. Would it be faster for me to learn how to get closer with people?”

Source: Economic Daily Star Today via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Wonder Girls featured in Warhol’s “Interview” magazine

With all of the US exposure the Wonder Girls have been receiving in various magazines including Teen Vogue and PAPERMAG, fans will be delighted to see that the pop group has landed yet another feature in this month’s issue of the high profile magazine, “Interview”!

Described by their “quirky looks” and “industrial strength dance beats,” the Wonder Girls are profiled in a feature article that discusses their inception and rise to stardom since 2007.

For the photoshoot, the ladies worked with world-renowned photographer Robbie Fimmano to create a high fashion photospread. Styled from head to toe by Anna Sui’s Elin Svahn in paisley patterns and dark colors, the quintet exudes an austere yet boho-chic vibe that contrasts with their quirky, girls-next-door concept from 2 Different Tears, proving the quintet’s great versatility.

“Interview,” which was founded by the artistic icon Andy Warhol in 1969, showcases intimate conversations with the world’s top celebrities, musicians, artists and creative thinkers. You can check out more about “Interview” through their official website, interviewmagazine.com.

Sources: AJMukamal & TallMild on Twitter
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4minute on writing lyrics, their dance controversy, & follow-up promos

[Credit : allkpop.com]

Already three years into their debut, 4minute has been growing every step of the way with each new musical endeavor. Their first official album, “4MINUTES LEFT“, marked the return after a year-long hiatus, as well as their growth as a powerful girl group.

During their latest interview with Sports Today, the first thing the girls said was that they were proud.

Sohyun stated, “We’ve only released mini-albums up until now, so since this is our first official album, we paid extra special attention. There’s not one aspect such as the lyrics, expressions, make up, and performances that we overlooked. Every time people say they like it, our hearts all flutter with excitement.”

She continued, “Our standard charm was the use of strong beats, so we tried to go for something a lot more feminine this time. There’s also an added love story in the lyrics that show a different image”

Jiyoon and Sohyun both participated in the rap making for “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror“. 

Sohyun revealed, “I’ve been practicing for a while now.  Shinsadong Tiger oppa gave us a try for this album and praised us a lot during the recordings, which gave me a lot of strength. It was both an amazing and useful experience.”

On their return, HyunA stated, “We rehearsed with the thought of going back to our rookie mindsets. Without missing a day, we rehearsed from 10 PM to 6 AM, and none of us complained because we knew that it was worth it for our first official album.”

Although the response from the public was explosive, the girls also experienced an unexpected controversy with their ’spread leg’ dance.

Leader Jihyun stated, “We were shocked at first because we expected people to highlight another part of our choreography, the mirror dance. Instead, a part that we did not expect at all began headlining.”

As the girls have focused on their international activities for the past year with formidable achievements, the girls have revealed that they will be focusing on their Korean activities this time around.

Sohyun commented, “For now, we’ll be focusing on our Korean activities. Our album was released overseas at the same time as the Korean release, so if our appearance is requested, we might be going back and forth.”

HyunA added, “It’s been a week since our album’s release, and we’re planning to work hard up through our follow-up promotions. We’re working to make sure that we live up to the expectations of our fans, so please look forward to it.”

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