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Lady Gaga praises Kim Heechul as ‘amazing’

Super Junior fans are very familiar with Kim Heechul’s alter-ego, ‘Lady HeeHee‘, who’s made an appearance in numerous events and gag photos. Rocking a range of looks (particularly from the “Poker Face” days) ‘Lady HeeHee’ became the premier Korean mimic of the world’s most prolific pop performance artist.

Recently, the lady herself praised Heechul for his spot-on impersonation. “Oh, he looks amazing! He looks amazing – look at that hairbow! Very good,” she gushed.

What an awesome birthday present for the ‘4-D’ star!

Credit: allkpop

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Why did Kim Heechul call Son Dambi the ‘devil’?

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is causing fans to crack up, thanks to his infamous wit.

On July 1st, the star tweeted, “I finally came home. My bike keeps getting caught in the elevator. Next time I’ll have to ride a unicycle that they use only at circuses. Because Dambi made me ride my bike so much, my house won’t accept my fingers. Damn, I don’t know my house code. Son Dambi is the devil“.

Son Dambi also chatted about her bike-riding experience with Heechul through her own Twitter.

She said, “I just got home. Heechul was in poor physical condition. I wasn’t tired at all. My physical strength must be crazy. Heechul, let’s ride bikes again.” The singer attached a photo of the two, where Son Dambi is seen looking fresh and lively while Heechul seems fairly exhausted.

Later, Heechul tweeted, “I came home and now I even see my cat as a bike. I’m sitting in my chair and have my legs up in the air as if I’m riding a bike. After turning me into this mess, Son Dambi – who still takes a picture while smiling – is the devil

Seems like Heechul’s got a lot of biking to do if he wants to keep up with ‘the devil’.

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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SuJu’s Kim Heechul dances to f(x) on KBS 2TV’s “Secret”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is currently enjoying his time in Paris, France taking part in the SMTOWN Live in Paris concerts. Before his departure to Paris, he recorded a fun segment for KBS 2TV’s new show, “Secret“ where he danced to f(x)’s ‘Pinocchio’ which aired earlier today.

Heechul is one of the three MC’s on the show alongside Shin Bong Sun and Lee Whee Jae. The pilot episode aired last week and received good viewership. Check out the fun segment below!

Credit: allkpop

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Beautiful French ladies make Heechul consider interracial marriage


On June 12th, Super Junior’s Heechul shared a sel-ca with fellow bandmate Si Won during their stay in Paris.

Heechul wrote, “I’m not sure if this was in France or not, but here’s a picture with Si Won. Like other places, France is amazing! Like a country of the arts, the ladies are also like art. I’m considering interracial marriage.”

Fans commented, “You don’t need any fancy accessories, you’re handsome just on your own,” and, “Heechul, then what about your Korean fans!”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
Credit: allkpop

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Song Joong Ki, Heechul and Goo Hara to host ‘2011 Dream Concert’

It looks like Song Joong Ki is taking back his MC mic!

The star was once an MC for the KBS2 music program, ‘Music Bank‘, and so he’ll be able to draw upon his experiences as he hosts the ‘Korea 2011 Dream Concert’ with KARA’s Goo Hara (first time) and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul (4 straight years).

Song Joong Ki is already rising as the new generation’s Hallyu star, and is an icon who meets the expectations of music fans across the world,” said a concert staff member.

He will definitely be able to carry on a stable and smooth performance based on his previous experiences hosting a music program and music award ceremony.

The 17th annual ‘Korea 2011 Dream Concert’ will feature an all-star lineup and will take place on May 28th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki has finished filming the movie ‘Every Little Makes Romance’ with Han Ye Seul, and is waiting for it to hit theaters later on this year.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Heechul’s childhood photos reveal that he didn’t have plastic surgery

It looks like those plastic surgery speculations for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul can finally be put to rest, thanks to the recent unveiling of his childhood photos.

On the May 20th broadcast of SBS’s “Dalgona“, viewers were able to meet Heechul’s family in his hometown of Gangwon-do.

Heechul’s aunt, Kim Young Sook, was determined to prove that he hadn’t had any plastic surgery. She revealed family photos saying, “Heechul takes a lot after me. He looks the most like me“.

His youngest aunt, Kim Gye Sook, revealed pictures of Heechul when he was in elementary school, saying, “When Heechul debuted there were many plastic surgery rumors. Though many say that he got his eyes and nose done, they are not true. He is 100% naturally made in Gangwon-do.”

In the photos of Heechul’s younger days, he looks just like he does now. His big eyes and mischeivious facial expressions, which can definitely be seen from his childhood photos, certainly disproved his many plastic surgery rumors.


Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Kim Heechul wants to be a dad soon?

On the most recent episode of ‘Dalgona‘, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed a serious side to his usual comedic image.

The show, which takes guests through memory lane by showing video broadcasts of their hometowns, had a segment titled “If Kim Heechul wasn’t in entertainment, what would he be doing?”.

Heechul and his loved ones were tested to see if they gave similar answers, which surprisingly they did.which Heechul and his loved ones had to respond with an identical answer. 

Apparently, the Super Junior member is pretty artistic as both his aunt and grandmother answered, “Cartoon artist.” One of his cousins, however, gave the unexpected response of “Father,” which was the answer Heechul had written down as well.

Heechul stated, “How pretty would a child who looks like me be? I want to be a dad soon.”

The star’s hometown hairstylist also revealed pictures of the different hairstyles he’d asked for.

Source + Photos: Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Heechul, Junhyung, & Simon D show off their close friendship


On April 22nd, Super Junior’s Heechul, B2ST’s Junhyung, and Supreme Team’s Simon D showed off their close friendship.

Heechul tweeted, I’m over at Simon D’s with YongYong. I’m not even kidding, we’re always just hanging out with only men, talk about male loyalty. Poor YongYong, he can only ever hang out with men because of me.”

Sitting on a couch together, the three can be seen with stand-offish expressions. Despite the amount of eye candy in one picture, fans amused themselves over Heechul’s Spongebob socks.

Netizens commented, “They all look so close!”, “Simon D has a girlfriend though”, and “Daebak Spongebob socks!”

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