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Cube Entertainment heading to England & Brazil for concerts?

It’s been reported that Cube Entertainment artists 4Minute, B2ST, and G.NA are planning a joint concert in London, England this November.

This decision was made by Cube following a successful joint concert held last month in Paris by SM Entertainment featuring artists such as SNSD, and TVXQ.

An associate of Cube Entertainment said, “We’re aiming to hold the Cube concert in London, England this upcoming November“. But before the possible concert in England, Cube Entertainment will be holding a concert titled, “United Cube” in Jamsil’s general Stadium in Seoul on August 14th.

In addition, it was allegedly reported that Cube Entertainment is also planning on holding a concert in Brazil as well. The concert in both UK and Brazil were primarily requested by local promoters and recent flash mobs created by European and as well as American fans had a great impact in sealing the deal.

Meanwhile, fans in England are holding a flash mob event on the 9th, at 3PM, at Trafalgar Square, London in hopes for a Big Bang and 2NE1 concert.

Source & Photo: Nate
Credit: allkpop

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Cube Entertainment releases ‘Fantasy Land episode 1′ for upcoming family concert

The announcement was then followed up with the very first ‘Fantasy Land‘ teaser video for the upcoming “United Cube Concert“.

In the video, B2ST’s Yoseob is seen texting the rest of the Cube family about the huge event. Every Cube star (including members of B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA) respond with enthusiasm, but they’re all puzzled as to why they didn’t hear back from Dongwoon

It incites a flurry of messages, as everyone bugs Dongwoon to respond. He suddenly appears behind Yoseob, and laughs as he quips that he already knew about the concert. In the end, poor Yoseob looks dejected as he sulkily steps up for his turn on the shoot.

The concert will take place on August 14th. Fans can grab tickets through the Interpark website starting from June 14th at 8:00PM KST.

Credit: allkpop

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G.NA goes on a date with her mom

Singer G.NA tweeted a few photos of herself with mom recently, as they stepped out for an afternoon date. Fans are commenting on the physical resemblance between the two, and they chuckled over the cute and smiling G.NA while her mother sat calm and cool in front of her.

G.NA posted, “First date with my mom in a long time. We do look alike don’t we? We’re busy talking. I love you mother.”

Fans replied, “Your mother is beautiful as well,” “You really do look alike,” “Your mom is so chic,” and “You look happy with your mom.”

Source + Photo: Newsen
Credit: allkpop

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G.NA poses with Min for a friendly photo

Rising ‘bagel girl’ G.NA revealed a friendly photo she took with miss A’s Min.

On May 20th, the idol tweeted the above photo to Min and wrote, “I’m finally uploading our picture. I’m going to sleep now“.

The two posed for the photo while filming for KBS’s “Dream Team“. Min is seen with her face comically scrunched up while G.NA smiles brightly with a victory sign.

Netizens commented, “Min looks really cute” and “You two must be close“.

Source: JoongAng via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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G.NA shares a pretty selca, despite suffering a cold

Singer G.NA stunned fan with a non-photoshopped selca!

On May 13th, G.NA wrote on her Twitter, “Let’s have strength today too. My body is very heavy because I have a cold. I’m sick in Beijing.”

Despite feeling ill, G.NA still managed to look quite sexy and fashionable with her leopard print tank top.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “Take care of yourself. Even when you are sick, you are really pretty.” “Even though you have a cold you are sexy…” and “Have strength today too unnie! Unnie, you are really pretty”

Source + Image: My Daily
Credit: allkpop


G.NA meets up with Far East Movement

G.NA had the chance to meet Far East Movement, the group that took the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for “Like A G6“.

allkpop was told by Cube Entertainment that The “Black & White” singer was in Beijing on the 11th for MTV’s “MTV PUSH Global Party” at the China Beijing Star Live Hall, where she served as the representative for Korean artists.

While there, G.NA had the opportunity to meet the first Asian group to be featured as a hip hop group on ‘PUSH’.

As soon as Far East Movement spotted G.NA, they confessed, “We heard her music before and wanted to meet her. She is very charming.” They even asked G.NA to sing something for them.

They added, “If we have the chance, we’ve love to sing on stage together.” Afterwards, G.NA and the group exchanged CDs to show their support for one another.

This is G.NA’s first visit to China since she debuted, so she was busy with numerous interviews and filming. At the MTV event, she wowed the crowd with her performance and proved herself to be a global star.

In Korea, G.NA is currently active in CFs, variety programs, and much more. Moreover, she just released an OST track titled “Because You’re Mine“, which has been doing well on the charts.

Credit: allkpop

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G.NA picks her official fanclub name

Recently, Cube Entertainment announced through G.NA’s official fancafe that they’ve decided upon her official fanclub name. Fans submitted and voted on possible suggestions, and Cube made the announcement via an open letter.

The letter reads:

This is CUBE Entertainment.

For a while, there was a lot of interest about the name of her fanclub.
Now we are able to reveal it for the first time.

We thank all of those who entered in the fanclub name contest and participated in voting,
and because G.NA’s fanclub name is one that everyone has chosen
please show that much more affection and love^^

G.NA’s fanclub name has been decided to be “G.NI (Genie)”.

Just as the meaning behind the fanclub name is to assist Miss G.NA in achieving her dreams

And Miss G.NA was said to be extremely happy to hear that she had a name for her fanclub and that so many fans were interested

Source: G.NA’s fancafe
Credit : allkpop
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Top 15 Idols with hot bodies!

[Credit : dkpopnews.net]

TOP 15 :

1. Rain
2. G.NA
3. Taecyeon/2PM
4. UEE/Afterschool
5. Changmin/2AM
6. Lee Hyori
7. Changmin/DBSK
8. Yuri/SNSD
9. Hwang Jung Eum
10. Lee Joon/MBLAQ
11. Siwon/Super Junior
12. Hyosung/Secret
13. Daesung/Big Bang
14. Jaekyung/Rainbow
15. Taeyang/Big Bang

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4Minute expresses their love for B2ST & G.NA

[Credit : allkpop.com]

In their latest interview with Star News, 4minute showed their support and love for label mates B2ST and G.NA.

With a laugh, Gayoon revealed, “The members of B2ST are like our cousins, we’re all very close, just like family. We can be called the first team to debut under Cube Entertainment, so we received a lot of love from our CEO and company employees as the only child. But with the debuts of B2ST and G.NA after us, the attention became divided (laughter).”

She continued, “Of course, they still give us so much love, but we’re going to be working harder so that their interest in us will be like old times. The fact that we think preciously of B2ST and G.NA will never change.”

Sohyun added, “B2ST oppas and G.NA unni are all so great. It’s because we have B2ST and G.NA that we’re even more proud of Cube Entertainment.”

She concluded, “We’ll be promoting in Korea a lot this year so that we can become a team that B2ST and G.NA will think is amazing as well.”

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