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B2ST members turn into country boys

On September 27th, B2ST members Doojoon and Yoseob transformed into casual country boys.

Doojoon tweeted, “Country boy” while seen wearing a straw hat with a white t-shirt and cardigan. Yoseob meanwhile tweeted, “Copying Luffy’s straw hat!”, “Yay~ Luffy”.

Luffy is the main character from the popular Japanese anime and manga, “One Piece“.


After seeing the pictures, Netizens commented, “If there were country boys like this, I would become a farmer right away,” “Ahh so good looking,” ”You are copying Luffy with his mushroom hair too?” and “You always so cute Yoseob oppa.”

Source + Image: Nate and TVDaily
Credit: allkpop
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B2ST’s Yoseob shows off his bowl haircut

B2ST’s Yang Yoseob recently shared a picture on Twitter of his new haircut.

Fans were stunned by Yoseob’s bowl-cut, which oftentimes make male idols look like elementary school students. But Yoseob seems pleased with the result, as he tweeted, “Yang-bowl cut…like Woo Ki Myung. How do you like it?”

‘Woo Ki Myung’ is a cartoon character who’s image is shown above with Yoseob’s selcas.

Yoseob also added, “How do you like Yang Yoseob’s haircut? Hehe everyone likes it so I’m happy! I’m posting the picture again!!! Oh, and the rash I got on my cheek ended up in a spot I liked. I shall call it ‘fashion rash’. Chu~ That’s all the pictures for today!”

Netizens commented, “They look exactly the same“, “Even their aura is similar“, “This is awesome“, “The more I look at it, the similar they look”, and “So cute!”.

Source + Image: Naver
Credits: allkpop

[Yoseob so cute~ ><]

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B2ST’s Doojoon shares new photos of Lee Kikwang in Spain

Idol group B2ST recently returned from Spain, and the boys can’t seem to get their visit off their minds, as they continue to tweet about their wonderful time there. Recently, Doojoon tweeted some pictures of fellow member Lee Kikwang posing coolly.

On September 21st, Doojoon wrote, ”Wealthy man Lee Kikwang from Korea in the midst of sightseeing in Spain. Wealthy Korean man talking a walk.

The photos were complimented for their professional quality, as if they were taken straight from a pictorial. Lee Kikwang’s natural charm is felt through the shots, as he stands relaxedly with his hands in his pocket in one picture, and in the other, he walks comfortably with his hands behind his back.

Fans commented, “That’s because wealthy man Lee Kikwang is a superstar“, “It looks like some photoshoot. So cool“, and “He seems so relaxed and happy.

B2ST went to Spain on the 19th to serve as judges on MBC‘s “K-Pop Cover Dance Festival Road Show 40120“.

Source: Money Today via Star News

Credit: allkpop

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B2ST reveals MV for “I Like You The Best”

Fans have been waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for B2ST to reveal the full music video for their track “I Like You The Best” from their 4th mini-album, “Lights Go On Again“.

It was first seen at B2ST’s “Welcome Back to B2ST Airlines” concert a few months ago, and although various fancams have made their way onto the web, everyone was waiting for the high-quality video.

The MV for “I Like You The Best” has finally arrived, and it continues from where “Beautiful” left off. Without further ado, check out “I Like You The Best” below!

Credit: allkpop


Jang Geun Suk sends a selca to B2ST’s Yong Junhyung

On the morning of September 25th, actor Jang Geun Suk sent a photo of himself to B2ST member Yong Junhyung.  On his own page, Geun Suk wrote, “Formal Green Meeting” and to Jun Hyung, he sent “Sleep my little bro. I’m off to work~“.

Fans were impressed by the actor’s perfect body proportions as he sat down while extending his long legs covered in blue pajamas.  The actor looks pretty depressed as he must attend a meeting in the early morning.  You can see his eyes yearning for more sleep and it looks like he doesn’t have much time to spare as he departs in slippers and pajamas.

Netizens commented, “You’ve gotten really slim.  Gain some wait, man!” and “I didn’t know you were close with Jun Hyung.  I’m Jealous~“.

Source + Photos: Osen

Credit: allkpop

[so cute ><]

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B2ST’s Doojoon shares adorable selca series of his members

Via twitter, B2ST’s charismatic leader Doojoon shared an adorable set of selcas taken with his group members.

Along with the first photo of himself and a mostly hidden Hyunseung in the background, Doojoon wrote, “The peace-man who never stops singing, with his peace-sign the peace-man.”

For his photo with Dongwoon he commented, “Maknae is all better now,” and the pair have goofy expressions on their faces to prove it.

Kikwang is seen on the couch reaching out for Doojoon with a surprised look, a photo the latter dubbed “The playful Babykwang.”

In the calmest photo of the set, Doojoon is seated beside rapper Junhyung with the caption, “First class joker.”

The first photo he shared with Yoseob states, “Sleeping Yo-monster,” to which Yoseob quickly tweeted back, “I don’t know why you’re calling me Yo-monster! I’m filing a complaint.” However, the leader had the last word by sharing a second photo with Yoseob cleverly labeled, “The complaint man.”

Fans commented, “From peace-man to complaint-man there are a lot of new nicknames,” “You guys play like you’re in elementary school,” and “So adorable.”

After holding a successful fanmeeting in Thailand on July 9th, B2ST will now head to Japan on the 16th, Taiwan from the 22nd to 23rd, and China on the 30th to greet their international fans.

Source & Photo: Starnews via Naver
Credit: allkpop

B2ST reveals jacket covers for Japanese album, “SO BEAST”

After wrapping up an ultra-successful promotion cycle for their first Korean album, “Fiction and Fact“, the boys of B2ST are shifting their focus towards their Japanese promotions.

On August 10th, B2ST will drop their first Japanese studio album, “SO BEAST“, for which we’ve already sampled a preview of “Fiction“. Today, Cube Entertainment upped the anticipation by tweeting the jacket covers for the new album.

“SO BEAST” will be available in three different editions: ‘Regular’ (CD-Only), ‘Limited Edition A’ (CD+DVD plus 72-paged photobook), and ‘Limited Edition B’ (CD+DVD plus 32-paged photobook).

Check out the album covers below!


< Limited Edition A cover >


< Limited Edition B cover >


< Regular CD-Only cover >

Source: Cube Entertainment’s Official Twitter, CD Japan
Credit: allkpop

B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon tweets a picture of his ‘celebrity’ manager

B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon has revealed a picture of his good-looking manager!

On July 7th, Yoon Doojoon tweeted, “Thank you. We will become hardworking B2ST! Ki Kwang, you did well! With Joon Ja.”

On July 6th, B2ST was awarded with the ‘Hot Performance Star’ distinction during the ‘2011 Mnet 20’s Choice Award‘.

In his tweet, Yoon Do Joon was thanking Lee Kikwang for receiving the award on B2ST’s behalf. The ‘Joon Ja’ he refers to is his manager, Jeon Joon Gun. Fans immediately zoomed in on the cute manager sitting next to the idol star.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “Your manager is really good looking” “Is Joon Ja a nickname? So cute!” and “Kyak! He should be a celebrity”.

Credit: allkpop

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B2ST releases limited edition photobook, “FICTION. Written by BEAST”

The boys of B2ST have compiled the best moments from their “Fiction” promotions into one photobook!

Available ’til July 15th, “FICTION. Written by BEAST” will be on sale online through Kyobo Books. The photobook features 260 pages of brilliant shots documenting special moments from their MV filming, first broadcast stage, recording, choreography rehearsal, and photoshoots.

The photobook will contain six chapters, while 25 lucky fans will also be randomly selected through lottery to receive 15 autographed copies and 10 CDs.

Source + Photos: Review Star, Kyobo Books
Credit: allkpop


B2ST thanks fans via video for “Fiction” success

Melon recently released a video clip of B2ST thanking their fans for their ‘Popular Song’ win for the month of May. In addition to their sweet thank you message, the members answered some questions about their future music plans. Check out the video below!


Q: May’s popular song [is] “Fiction“! Please tell us your thoughts on your first place win.

Doojoon: It’s an honor, thank you very much! But I heard that the nominees were “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”, did you guys know? It’s probably right. I saw it on the internet. So, thank you very much for loving our two songs, “Rainy Days” and “Fiction”; we will meet you guys soon with an improved style.

Q: Please say something to the netizens who voted for and supported B2ST.

Everyone: Thank you!

Yoseob: We will work harder!

Q: What do you think is your secret to your success in Japan?

Yoseob: It must be our strong teamwork. Haha …

Dongwoon: We’ll accept it as a sign to work harder.

Doojoon: Everything is really more than what we deserve, but I hope that everyone looks highly upon our efforts.

Q: How do you feel about your variety appearances?

Junhyung: The fact that each of the members are able to utilize their strong characteristics is great. We hope that we will continue to move forward.

Doojoon: But, we become one with music!

Q: How do you see yourself when you return for your next album?

Hyunseung: Looking towards our next album, we want to do something that’s more fun and exciting, but nothing has been decided yet. It’s just something we’ve talked about before. We promise that our music quality and performances will improve as we release more albums.

Q: Is there someone you want to guest-feature for?

Junhyung: Rather than picking a particular singer, all collarborations are very exciting and special. It doesn’t matter as long as we can musically communicate with each other. Give us a call!

Q: A funny episode during your concert is…?

Doojoon: I fell during our concert performance for “Bad Girl“, and I fell again during the “Bad Girl” encore concert performance as well.

Hyunseung: The funny thing is that it was during the same part. How did you manage that?

Dongwoon: It means it’s your fault.

Doojoon: Yeah, it does…

Q: Any last words for the Melon family?

Doojoon: Yes! Korea’s best music site …

Dongwoon: We use it often as well.

Doojoon: Yes. Thank you so much for loving our music. Please support Korean music as well. Melon will lead Korean music until it becomes world music. We support Melon, so please give us your love and support as well! Until now, it was B2ST! Thank you!

Credit: allkpop

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