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UEE shares a group photo of After School looking stylish

On September 21st, UEE shared a family photo of her After School members that she took herself.

UEE revealed through her me2day, “Hello, friends!!  I want to share some photos of our members today ^^  I’m not in the picture here, but why do you think I’m not?  (Because I took this picture myself!!)  I’m uploading this photo secretly!!”

Gathered closely together, the members all express their own unique fashion sense while throwing up victory signs for the cameras. Fans immediately noticed that ‘Queen UnniKahi gave a chic, nonplussed facial expression while her dongsaengs beamed happily for the camera.

Netizens commented, “Haha, Kahi unni always looks so dramatic”, “I want to see UEE too! Should’ve asked the manager to take a picture”, and “I’m loving your drama lately, fighting!”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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After School’s Kahi reveals her secret on maintaining her gorgeous figure

After School‘s Kahi showed off her gorgeous body by modeling for Sure magazine’s latest issue!

‘Sure’ is a popular women’s style and fitness magazine in Korea, and they couldn’t have picked a better cover girl than After School’s leader. Kahi is widely praised amongst fans and netizens alike not just for her curvaceous body, but for her healthy glow as well.

So what’s the secret behind this 32-year-old’s amazing body?

As it turns out, Kahi does pilates, yoga, horseback riding, biking, jogging, and other leisure workouts. She also revealed that if she sat around and did nothing, she’d become frustrated, and so she always learned to do something.

An official from the photoshoot said, “During the shoot, she listened to Beyonce‘s music and without any directions on how to pose, she created the perfect pictorial”.

Source + Image: Sports DongA via Naver

Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Bekah releases her graduation song, “Take Me to the Place”

After bringing fans to tears over the announcement of her departure last month, Bekah has officially graduated from After School today with the release of her ‘graduation project’, her very own solo digital single titled “Take Me to the Place“.

Pledis’s official Twitter announced, “The song was first revealed through After School’s fan meeting, and today, it will be released as a digital single. Please give it your love ^^.”

Personally written by Bekah, the song features beautiful lyrics and an equally beautiful voice singing it. It might come as a surprise to most, especially since she’s known to be the rapper of the group. Although it’s unfortunate that her talent is only able to fully shine on its own just now, the song will definitely be a sweet farewell that will remain in the memories of fans.

Check it out below, and remember to support the artist by purchasing it here.

Source: Pledis Official Twitter (@pledisnews)
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After School’s UEE has a killer schedule

With a drama, group promotions, CF activities, and a Japanese debut coming up, After School’s UEEis looking at one busy schedule.

UEE was recently cast as the leading role for KBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘, and is currently in the midst of filming. Because it’s a weekend drama, the filming schedule isn’t as tight as other dramas, but adding After School’s schedule on top of that definitely makes up for the difference.

As previously reported, After School will be promoting as two units this month. The girls are also preparing for a showcase on July 17th, which will be followed by the release of their official Japanese debut single on August 17th.

They also signed on as models for cosmetics brand “The Saem“, for which they must attend fan signings and various other events as a part of their endorsement duties.

Her professional obligations aside, UEE’s been receiving acting lessons and holding script rehearsals whenever time permits. A representative of Pledis explained, “UEE has always been athletic so she has a lot of stamina. She exercises whenever she has spare time in order to manage herself. She’s also been on a diet and has a slim new body to show off.”

We’re glad that she’s in high demand, but let’s hope she doesn’t overdo it!

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Nate
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After School holds their first fan signing for “The Saem”

On July 7th, After School attended their first fan signing as models for “The Saem” cosmetics in Daegu!

In celebration of the brand’s latest line of ‘S-special’ products, “The Saem” decided to repay the love they’ve been receiving from their customers with a special fan meet with their new models. After School’s Kahi, UEE, Lizzy, and Nana met up with fans for the 90-minute long event at the store.

Lines were said to have formed hours before the girls arrived, and hundreds gathered outside of the store to catch glimpses of the gorgeous ladies.

UEE said, “We’re so grateful to the fans who came to see us here today. We’ll pay back your love by promoting in singing and acting. Please give your attention to ‘The Saem’, as we will be working hard as models of the brand.”


Source + Photos: Donga via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Nana drops another sub-unit hint

On July 8th, the fourth hint for After School’s red and blue units was revealed!

Pledis Entertainment
tweeted,Nana came to the office with a blue cell phone~!! Will Nana be in the blue sub-unit?”

Snapped with a playful expression, Nana can be seen posing with a blue cell phone. Although the pictures are said to be hints, it seems the members for each unit are still up in the air, as several members could be found switching colors with each new hint.

Netizens commented, “Maybe Nana will be in the blue team”, “This hint is too easy”, and “I see a red light in the back, is that a hint too?”

The final units will be announced at their official fan meet on July 9th.

Source + Photos: BNT News via Naver
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After School’s Bekah & Nana pose for the camera

After School’s Bekah recently shot a glittering selca with group member Nana.

On June 10th, Bekah tweeted, “Waiting with our Nana!“, and uploaded the picture. The two wore matching sparkly stage outfits and are glittering as bright as gold.

Netizens commented, “Their faces are more blinding than their outfits”, “You two look really close”, and “Did Nana hurt her lips?“.

After School is currently promoting their title song, “Shampoo“.

Source: JoongAng via Nate
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After School’s Lizzy and UEE talk about aging and… fighting?

After School’s UEE and Lizzy’s short conversation through Twitter has caught the attention of netizens.

On June 1st, Lizzy tweeted, “Time flies…”, and in response, UEE replied, “I know… It seems like just yesterday that our Lizzy was walking around in her school uniform, but she’s already 20… goodbye now.”

Lizzy then jokingly teased UEE, “I remember the first time I saw you, unnie (older sister). You were 22-year-old, ‘innocent and sexy’ UEE… Now you are getting closer to mid-20s. Goodbye to unnie too.”

UEE drew laughter from fans when she replied, “Park Soon Duk, let’s fight!! Come to the snack bar!!”

Netizens stated, “You two can joke around like this because you are close, right?”, “Your conversation is like my conversations with my little sister”, and “The statement about you being in your mid-20s is funny.”

Source: JoongAng via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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After School’s Raina confessed she once ran away from home

Raina recently confessed that she ran away from home when she was a teenager.

After School appeared on June 2nd’s broadcast of tvN’s ‘Talk Show Taxi‘, where they talked about their lives.

Raina surprisingly revealed, “It was a time of rebellion when I was in the 9th grade. I went to arcades and karaoke places. At 10:00 at night, I went around with makeup on my face.

She elaborated, “I asked my mom for allowance but she wouldn’t give me any because I played around outside. So I fought with my mom  and when I was little, she stripped me naked and placed me in front of our house door. I was in the 9th grade and she told me that she would do that again. I cried and ran out saying, ‘Don’t look for me because I’m going to run away!’

The powerful vocalist ended by revealing the end to her ‘tragic’ story, “I went to go to my friend’s house but she wasn’t there. I ended up going back to my house after the sun rose at dawn.

Source: Xports News via Nate
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After School To Debut In Japan With “Bang!”

9 member girl group After School have announced their long-awaited Japanese debut with a remake of their successful Korean single “Bang!”, due for release on the 17th of August!

The girls have already been introduced to a Japanese fan base through a performance at Tokyo Girls Collection and collaborating with Namie Amuro for a single from her special album “Checkmate!” titled “Make It Happen”.

“It’s an absolute honour to be able to make our first overseas debut in Japan!” said group leader Kahi. “We’ll do our best to show people in Japan our image of being an entrancing performance group”.

Not only that, but they will perform at a special event in July at Tokyo’s Akasaka BLITZ: “AfterSchool Japan Premium Party- Bang! Bang! Bang!”. With their intense dance routines and visible energy, Kahi, Jung Ah, Jooyeon, Uee, Bekah, Nana, Raina, Lizzy and E-Young will hope to show their uniqueness amongst a growing wave of acts from Korea who are trying to “make it happen” in Japan.

Having debuted in Korea back in 2009, After School won a newcomers prize at the 19th Seoul Music Awards; they captivated audiences at Tokyo Girls Collection in March with their signature marching band style performance.

Credit: jpopasia