Sandara Park, Se7en, and more wish MBLAQ’s Thunder a happy birthday

Happy 21st birthday to MBLAQ‘s Thunder!

On October 7th, stars and MBLAQ fans made sure to wish Thunder a happy birthday through their Twitters and me2day.

First, Thunder’s loving older sister, Sandara of 2NE1, showed her affections with the post, “Happy happy birthday to my little brother Chundoong-ee!“.

Singer Rain warmly tweeted, “Happy birthday Doong-ah, our Doong-ee was just a tall and kind high schooler but now you’re a handsome man, I love you our maknae ^^ As for your gift~ I’ll give it to you before enlisting haha“, to which Thunder replied, “Thank you hyung! ㅠ As for the gift… Everything you’ve taught me over the past 2 years has been a gift! I’ll make sure to go to your concert on October 9th! I will become a better singer! I love you Ji Hoon hyung! ㅠ”.

Fellow MBLAQ member Mir congratulated , “Doong doong-ee hyung happy birthday!! Congratulations!”, to which Thunder responded by saying, “Thank you mak-doong ah (youngest)~ ㅠ I’ll see you later“.

Singer Se7en also sent the birthday boy his warm congratulations, and the two had a rather cute conversation and exchanged the following tweets:

Se7en: ”Doong-ah~!! I wish you a very happy birthday! I’ll expect you to fly even higher! We love U too!!! Go MBLAQ!!!”.
Thunder: “Thank you so much hyung!! ㅠㅠ I will work harder! Hwaiting!”
Se7en: “Okay! Call me, I’ll buy you some yummy food ^^”
Thunder: “Yay~!! I love Yeolbong steamed chicken hyung!! >_< kekeke” (referring to Se7en’s ‘Yeolbong’ chicken restaurant)
Se7en: “Keke you can go buy the Yeolbong yourself~ Pick something more expensive ^^ anyways holla~~”
Thunder: “Haha I’ll search online and look for a delicious restaurant hyung!! Keke

Thunder also made sure to express his thanks to fans, and tweeted the below photos of a beautiful cake and fan letters saying, “Thank you to all my fans! You made me so pretty… and also remembered my family and the company staff members.. I love you all! >_<”.

He also showed off his pile of fan letters saying, ”There are so many letters to read today! I’m going to read them all so don’t be embarrassed! Keke“.

Finally, the birthday boy shared a photo of his pet cat Dadoong, who seems to have stolen a present from the pile. Thunder joked, “Today is Dadoong’s birthday? Keke“.

Source + Photos: Thunder’s Twitter, Dara’s me2day
Credit: allkpop

[Thunder’s pet cat, Dadoong, is sooo cute! >w< ]

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