B2ST’s Yoseob shows off his bowl haircut

B2ST’s Yang Yoseob recently shared a picture on Twitter of his new haircut.

Fans were stunned by Yoseob’s bowl-cut, which oftentimes make male idols look like elementary school students. But Yoseob seems pleased with the result, as he tweeted, “Yang-bowl cut…like Woo Ki Myung. How do you like it?”

‘Woo Ki Myung’ is a cartoon character who’s image is shown above with Yoseob’s selcas.

Yoseob also added, “How do you like Yang Yoseob’s haircut? Hehe everyone likes it so I’m happy! I’m posting the picture again!!! Oh, and the rash I got on my cheek ended up in a spot I liked. I shall call it ‘fashion rash’. Chu~ That’s all the pictures for today!”

Netizens commented, “They look exactly the same“, “Even their aura is similar“, “This is awesome“, “The more I look at it, the similar they look”, and “So cute!”.

Source + Image: Naver
Credits: allkpop

[Yoseob so cute~ ><]

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