G-Dragon poses with ‘Birth of a Great Star’ winner Baek Chung Gang

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently had a spontaneous encounter with the winner of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star‘, Baek Chung Gang.

A photo of the two was posted on an online forum with the title, ‘Baek Chung Gang meets G-Dragon.. No one can follow his style‘.

The two are dressed simply in jeans and tees, but exude quite different auras. G-Dragon looks comfortable as he poses with his hand on Baek Chung Gang’s shoulder, but the new star seems to be quite camera-shy.

While he was a contestant on ‘Birth of a Great Star,’ Baek Chung Gang was highly praised for his performance of G-Dragon’s first debut track, “Heartbreaker“. Baek revealed that while he was living in Yanbian, China, he enjoyed listening to Korean music, Big Bang’s in particular.

Netizens commented, “They’re both a little short but look great,” “They finally met,” “They’re both so cute,” “Even though Baek Chung Gang’s performance of “Heartbreaker” was perfect, it doesn’t seem like he can follow G-Dragon’s fashion,” and “Even though they’re both wearing white tees, GD somehow exudes an untouchable fashion sense.”

Source & Photo: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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