J.Y. Park thanks Jo Kwon for being with JYPE for 10 years

Singer/producer J.Y. Park recently sent a warm message to 2AM’s Jo Kwon to commemorate his 10 year anniversary as an employee and junior under JYP Entertainment.

On July 1st, J.Y. Park tweeted, “Wow! Kwon-ah, it’s been 10 years since we first met. Thank you for always being the same humble, beautiful, and hard-working person that you are.”

In response, Jo Kwon tweeted, “Thank you. I will never forget the look you gave me when I first auditioned. I wonder what meaning that look held.”

Jo Kwon later tweeted to his followers, “I think today is the day that I should look back to 10 years ago…It’s been 10 years since I took part in the gifted and talented development audition and now look at where I am…I cannot forget the nervousness and anxiousness from my first audition on July 1st. I’ll continue to work even harder! Aja aja!”

In response, netizens commented, “You’re such a cheeful employee!”, “I hope the relationship that you two had for 10 years continues to shine brightly“, and “Both of you are so cool.”

Can you believe that Jo Kwon has been a part of JYPE for such a long time?

Source: Money Today Star News via Nate News
Credit: allkpop

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