2PM proves they’re “beastly” on “Picaru no Teiri”!

Via tokyohive:

On the 11th, “Beastly Idols2PM met up with the cast of FujiTV’s “Picaru no Teiri”.

The boys opened their segment of the show with some flashy dance moves from their Japanese single “Take off”.

They then showed a sign that showed what all of the men were good at. Taecyeon claims to be good at cooking, Nichkhun is good at piano, Wooyoung is good at soccer, Junho is good at sleeping without moving, Chansung is good at taekwondo and Junsu is good at drawing.

Being in Japan, where food and cooking are very popular, Taecyeon’s answer specifically sparked some interest. When he was in the middle of being asked what he’s good at cooking, former AKB48 member Oshima Mai perked up, “I know! Dduk bok ki!”, which seemed to impress the 2PM members, but not her fellow castmates. Watanabe Naomi called back to her, “Shut up! Why are you talking when we’re the ones asking them?!” The two continued to bicker, before Oshima tried to impress the Korean group and busted out some Korean for “shut up” (shi kuh luh) towards Watanabe.

Next, the host explained that since they’re considered “beasts” they should be able to lift up a princess and take her away. 2PM agreed that they could do that and the host said that he would like to see them try. The cast got excited and many assumed that the tiny and adorable Oshima would be the ‘princess’. However, that was not the case… as the host quickly turned it around and made the chubbier Watanabe the ‘princess’ instead.

2PM got together in a powwow before they headed over to try and lift Watanabe. Being a gentleman, Chansung offered up his jacket to cover Watanabe’s legs so her underwear wouldn’t show, causing her to say “He’s so niiice~”. Junho then attempted to lift her, but failed to lift her and proved he wasn’t “beastly” enough.

Next in line was Chansung, Junho held the jacket this time, shaking it like he was at a rodeo, which caused the host to call out, “This isn’t a bullfight with Nao-tan (Watanabe)!”.  In the end, Chansung saved face and lifted Watanabe, proving his “beastly”-ness.

Credit: allkpop


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