SNSD’s Yoona turns 22

SNSD’s Yoona turned 22 on May 30th, and fans worldwide are celebrating, congratulating, and wishing the idol a very ‘happy birthday’.

In Korea, SNSD’s fancafés “CISTUS” and “Smile Yoona” have released an ad in a daily newspaper to publicly celebrate Yoona’s birthday.

The ad reads:


Because you have similar eyes,

a thin and long neck,

because you are very serene,

very beautiful,

because you give joy and happiness to people who look at you

that is why we call you “doe”.

Those wonderful eyes,

those eyes that are sometimes playful,

and laughter that has no affectation.

Today is your birthday,

We wonder if you’re having a good time.

As long as you’re happy,

as long as you laugh,

the fans that love you

will always be able to happily laugh too.

May 30th.

Hoping you are having the happiest day,

fans wish SNSD’s Yoona a very happy 22nd birthday.”

In addition to the poem, fanclub members also did some community service hours together, donated a happybean under Yoona’s name and also bought her a star in the constellation.

Happy birthday, Yoona!

Source: CISTUS via Nate News, @deeryoonacom
Credit: allkpop
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