4minute talks about their close relationship with B2ST

4minute recently opened up about their relationship with sibling group B2ST.

As B2ST were making their comeback on KBS’s “Music Bank“, 4minute was approached about their labelmates. The girls confessed, “They’re not like our siblings (brothers and sisters), they are like our brothers (treated like brothers instead of sisters).”

During a recent interview, 4minute said, “As B2ST is getting more popular, their female fans seem to be worried that they will get into scandals with other girl groups. However, the problem is that even B2ST’s fans don’t see us as a girl group, but rather as B2ST’s sibling group. We were shocked to hear their fans say, ‘If you are going to get in a scandal, get in one with the 4minute unnis’.

Both 4minute and B2ST are groups under Cube Entertainment, and fans have known about their close relationship since their respective debuts.

4minute continued, “B2ST’s fans even take us easy. Our fans even pressured that if we are to have joint stages for year-end festivals, that we don’t do them with any other team besides B2ST.

Currently, 4minute is promoting their follow-up track “Heart To Heart” and are passing the baton to B2ST, who are making their comeback this week with their title track “Fiction“.

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate
Credit: allkpop

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