INFINITE performs ‘Can U Smile’ on Music Core

INFINITE has made a comeback with their new digital single ‘Can U Smile (Broadcasting Ver.)‘ on this week’s “Music Core“.

The boys, who have emphasized their chicness and powerful synchronized choreography for ‘Come Back Again‘ and ‘BTD‘, maintained the romantic concept that they had for ‘Nothing’s Over‘.

The boys added their acoustic feel for ‘Can U Smile’ and showcased their sweet charms for the broadcast version of the song.

Composer Han Jae Ho and lyricist Kim Seung Soo, who are both known for producing all of INFINITE’s title tracks in the past, combined forces again for ‘Can U Smile’.

The two focused on changing the previous pop dance number to having more of an acoustic feel, making the song perfect for a hot summer’s day.

INFINITE, who debuted almost a year ago, unveiled the digital single to showcase their abilities as musicians, wanting a transition from being known as ‘idols who can only dance’.

The song captures the deep emotions of the boys, with its lingering melody and sad lyrics, such as “I can’t seem to hold on to you with only my heart“. This seems to be enough for INFINITE to make the transition from bright and powerful idols to real musicians.

Source: Daum Music
Credit: allkpop

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