G.NA meets up with Far East Movement

G.NA had the chance to meet Far East Movement, the group that took the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for “Like A G6“.

allkpop was told by Cube Entertainment that The “Black & White” singer was in Beijing on the 11th for MTV’s “MTV PUSH Global Party” at the China Beijing Star Live Hall, where she served as the representative for Korean artists.

While there, G.NA had the opportunity to meet the first Asian group to be featured as a hip hop group on ‘PUSH’.

As soon as Far East Movement spotted G.NA, they confessed, “We heard her music before and wanted to meet her. She is very charming.” They even asked G.NA to sing something for them.

They added, “If we have the chance, we’ve love to sing on stage together.” Afterwards, G.NA and the group exchanged CDs to show their support for one another.

This is G.NA’s first visit to China since she debuted, so she was busy with numerous interviews and filming. At the MTV event, she wowed the crowd with her performance and proved herself to be a global star.

In Korea, G.NA is currently active in CFs, variety programs, and much more. Moreover, she just released an OST track titled “Because You’re Mine“, which has been doing well on the charts.

Credit: allkpop

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