Jung Yonghwa’s high school friend reveals his ’study’ habits

A high school buddy of Jung Yonghwa’s brutally spilled the beans about how Yonghwa spent his time ’studying’ before his college entrance exams.

On the May 6th episode of SBS’s “Dalgona” (or “Sweet Hometown Days“), Jung Dong Young claimed that he failed his college entrance exam because of Yonghwa. He revealed, “When we gathered to study, he made us promise to go see the sunrise to commemorate the 100th day before the exam, so we went to go see the sunrise.”

Jung Dong Young continued, “With 50 days left until the exam, Yonghwa said that we had to restore the health of our body, so because we didn’t have money, we ate soup and rice instead of studying. With one week left, we went to go eat gizzard shad (a type of fish) because of Yonghwa’s persuasion.”

The heat continued to roll in against the CNBLUE member as Jung Dong Young spilled, “The day before the exam, we knew we had to study, but Yonghwa said because we have to go play after the exam, we should go shopping for clothes to wear… so we went shopping.”

He then jokingly questioned, “You are now making lots of money – how will you take responsibility for our future?”, which ended up shocking Yonghwa. However, Jung Dong Young immediately confessed, “Truthfully, when we followed handsome Yonghwa, girls always swarmed around us. We stuck by him to see the benefits”, causing much laughter in the studio.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: allkpop


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