Jay Park charms with his considerate nature

Stars are known to run on a super tight schedule that could often lead to scheduling disasters if something goes wrong. But it’s not often that they present a humble and down-to-earth appearance when they run a little behind. Enter Jay Park, whose 30 minute delay to a radio program revealed his polite and considerate heart.

On May 6th, Jay Park was scheduled to participate on the third segment of KBS 2FM’s “Danny’s Music Show“. However, because of the delay in his ”Music Bank” rehearsal, he was unable to arrive on time.

DJ Danny explained, “Jay Park is supposed to be with us for the third part of our program, but his Music Bank rehearsal was delayed. It’s been delayed everyday. Since they say it’s being delayed today as well, if we wait just little while, we will be able to meet Jay Park. Jay Park wants to run here quickly too.”

As soon as Danny finished explaining, a call came from Jay Park himself. Jay explained, “I’m in the middle of rehearsal. I’m waiting for my turn, but I wanted to call to tell you how sorry I am.”

In the open studio, Jay Park asked fans, “Please wait just a little bit.” When Danny asked him, “Will it end soon?” Jay Park responded, “As soon as rehearsal end, I will go quickly.”

Before Jay Park arrived, Danny played two of Jay’s new songs, Abandoned” and “Tonight“. Jay finally arrived to the station, 33 minutes later, short of breath from rushing over.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit : allkpop


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