Wonder Girls featured in Warhol’s “Interview” magazine

With all of the US exposure the Wonder Girls have been receiving in various magazines including Teen Vogue and PAPERMAG, fans will be delighted to see that the pop group has landed yet another feature in this month’s issue of the high profile magazine, “Interview”!

Described by their “quirky looks” and “industrial strength dance beats,” the Wonder Girls are profiled in a feature article that discusses their inception and rise to stardom since 2007.

For the photoshoot, the ladies worked with world-renowned photographer Robbie Fimmano to create a high fashion photospread. Styled from head to toe by Anna Sui’s Elin Svahn in paisley patterns and dark colors, the quintet exudes an austere yet boho-chic vibe that contrasts with their quirky, girls-next-door concept from 2 Different Tears, proving the quintet’s great versatility.

“Interview,” which was founded by the artistic icon Andy Warhol in 1969, showcases intimate conversations with the world’s top celebrities, musicians, artists and creative thinkers. You can check out more about “Interview” through their official website, interviewmagazine.com.

Sources: AJMukamal & TallMild on Twitter
Credit: allkpop

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