After School’s Nana & Lizzy reveals BTS photos from film set

After School continues with their trend of teaser photos by revealing two BTS pics from their filming set.

Members Nana and Lizzy are pictured above, but with completely different reactions to something they’re watching through Lizzy’s phone. While Nana looks chic and indifferent, Lizzy displays open delight, leading netizens to wonder what they could be watching.

Netizens commented, “What is it?! We want to see too!”, “Lizzy must have at least 100 facial expressions”, and “Nana’s face is daebak!”

The girls are currently preparing for the release of “Shampoo” on April 28th, which will be followed by their comeback stage on “Music Bank” on the 29th.


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
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