f(x) almost was the ‘Bomb’

[Credit : allkpop.com]

Have you ever imagined calling the girls from f(x), “the girls from ‘the bomb’?

On April 23th, the members of f(x), after making their comeback with “Pinocchio”, held an interview with KBS “Entertainment Relay”.

During this broadcast, the reporter asked, “Was there team names other than f(x)?”. To the question, the members answered, “There were a variety of group names that we could have chosen from, some including: ‘the Bomb’, ‘Flowers’, and ‘Miyaho” (because it sounds similar to a cat’s cry, ‘meow’). At one point, we were going to introduce ourselves with ‘Hello! We are group Miyaho!’ and make a cat’s meow sound while posing cutely.”

Good thing all those ideas bombed before settling on f(x).


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