Block B debuts with ‘Freeze’ on M! Countdown


Back in February, veteran rapper/producer Cho PD announced that he was going to unleash a new boy band named Block B. The boys trained with some of the biggest names in the hip hop scene likeVerbal Jint and Rhymer before finally debuting on today’s episode of “M! Countdown“!

The seven member team is led by main rappers Zico and Kyung, “Birth of a Great Star” contestant and main vocalist Taeil, sub-rapper P.O., and sub-vocals Jae HyoU-Kwon, and B-Bomb. Their debut album was produced entirely by leader Zico and Kyung.

Having seen their debut stage reduced to just 2 minutes on Inkigayo last week, Cho PD tweeted before today’s performance that it would also be the same on M! Countdown. He tweeted, “They said that the boys’ M! Countdown stage will be cut down again today. I’m upset of course, but I’m more hurt over the BBCs that will be disappointed. I’m sure that if Block B shows the best stage they can today and that BBC helps them get more known, they will one day be able to perform two, even three tracks.”

Their title track, “Freeze“, is an electronic hip hop track that aims to showcase the talent of each and every member. Check out their debut stage below!

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