4Minute expresses their love for B2ST & G.NA

[Credit : allkpop.com]

In their latest interview with Star News, 4minute showed their support and love for label mates B2ST and G.NA.

With a laugh, Gayoon revealed, “The members of B2ST are like our cousins, we’re all very close, just like family. We can be called the first team to debut under Cube Entertainment, so we received a lot of love from our CEO and company employees as the only child. But with the debuts of B2ST and G.NA after us, the attention became divided (laughter).”

She continued, “Of course, they still give us so much love, but we’re going to be working harder so that their interest in us will be like old times. The fact that we think preciously of B2ST and G.NA will never change.”

Sohyun added, “B2ST oppas and G.NA unni are all so great. It’s because we have B2ST and G.NA that we’re even more proud of Cube Entertainment.”

She concluded, “We’ll be promoting in Korea a lot this year so that we can become a team that B2ST and G.NA will think is amazing as well.”

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